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Super Junior’s Yesung wants you to put your phone down and focus on him

It was the first time Super Junior’s Yesung was performing in the Philippines as a solo act and the show turned out to be perfectly intimate. ELFs (Super Junior’s fandom) and CLOUDs (Yesung’s fandom) had the balladeer’s undivided attention on Jan. 6 at the “Unfading Sense” concert at the New Frontier Theater. The event was promoted by Pulp Live World. 

Yesung opened the show with songs “Scented Things,” “Fornever,” and “Silhouette.” All tracks were part of his latest album and the title of his concert tour. On his way to Manila, Yesung shared a photo on X (@shfly3424) revealing his new look. During his opening ment (talking parts), he said the haircut was for him to look handsome for his fans. He prepared so much because it was his first meeting with them this year.

It has to be Yesung.
Photo: Eugene Araneta

The concert lasted two hours.  He spoke sincerely, with no filter. It’s something that only an idol who completely trusts his fans can do.  He gave gentle reminders for them to focus on his performances. 

“I know you are all sensible people and would appreciate everything,” he said. He mesmerized the audience with his different vocal styles as he sang “No More Love,” “Moment,” and “Butterfly.”


Wearing thick black framed glasses, a graphic vintage shirt, and baggy jeans with floral drawings, rocker Yesung serenaded the audience with “Floral Sense,” and “Beautiful.”  

The eyeglasses weren’t just for aesthetics, he really has poor eyesight. He asked everyone to care for their eyes and limit their use of cell phones. 

“I wanted to see everyone much better,” he said. It was a subtle message to the audience to immerse in the sensory elements of his performances. He berated them later when they did not focus their attention on him.  Yesung was okay with the audience documenting parts of the show but he wanted them to prioritize enjoying the moment.

“I tried my best to look each of you in the eye, but now there are still those who continue to look at their phones instead of me!” he said.

He then added that he would make eye contact with the cell phones instead to make it fair, making everyone laugh.

The artist stated that he prefers happier and rhythmical songs before singing “4 Seasons,” “HO,” and “Like Us.”  

Everyone felt nostalgic as Yesung sang “It Has to Be You,” the hit song from the soundtrack of the 2010 drama “Cinderella’s Stepsister.”  His ad libs and “hoos!” sounded different as he turned the mic to the audience to allow them to sing parts of the song. 

Yesung showcased his vocal flexibility as he performed “Bear Hug” and “Corazon Perdido” (Lost Heart).  He shared his frustration about the song not becoming the title track, but acknowledged that fans also liked “Beautiful Night,” the album’s title track. He sang parts of it a capella, perhaps a hint of what he could possibly sing at his next concert.


He said the Philippines is one of the favorite destinations of Super Junior and asked everyone to support not just him but all the members. “But tonight it’s my show. You should focus on me for now.” The request felt straight out of “Notting Hill”.  

Yesung smiles as he was warmly welcomed by his PH ELFs and CLOUDs
Photo: Eugene Araneta

The closing songs were “Small Things,” and “Slide Away” and Yesung approved of his fans singing with him. He even gave them a thumbs up and left the stage with a smile on his face. 

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He returned for an encore wearing a gray hoodie and holding a Sujubong (Super Junior’s Lightstick). He charmed the audience with his aegyo (cute or endearing charm) as he sang “Like Us.”  

“I don’t like acting cute while singing but I tried my best,” he said.  His joy was  adorable. When he performed “Together,” photos of Yesung and his pets were flashed on screen. He shared his worries about them getting old and how he wants to spend time with them as much as possible. He talks about his strict diet and how he looks after his health to enable him to be Super Junior Yesung for a long time. He wished the same for his fans so they could meet again more often soon. 


The fan project of ELFs and CLOUDS came out after this, showing different tourist destinations and museums in the Philippines. It was inspired by Yesung’s love of art and culture. It was just one of the many projects prepared by his supporters led by CLOUDS PH. He appreciated it and was surprised about the dancing fountain event for his birthday.

As the concert came to a close, he thanked everyone for attending the shows throughout the years. Although it was his first time traveling to different countries alone and he was happy to finally realize his dream of going on a solo concert tour.  For his final stage, Yesung performed “I am.” The song’s message is about being free to live without compromising your happiness and appreciating life’s beauty even when it isn’t perfect. 

At the show, Yesung expressed his love for the Philippines once again.

“Philippines, I love you! Thank you! See you again!” 

Just like his “Sense Series” album, the concert unfolded different versions and layers of Yesung.  His vocals danced and lingered in the air, backed by the live band.  And it was sweet, like a scent that never goes away. 

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