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Enhypen and the Filipino Engenes brought together by ‘Fate’
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Enhypen and the Filipino Engenes brought together by ‘Fate’

Enhypen FATE
‘This is the Philippines I remember,’ Enhypen member Jay said, while the other members of the K-pop group praised the Filipino crowd at “Fate” in New Clark City

A year after their first show in the Philippines, K-pop group Enhypen marked the last stop of their “Fate” world tour at the New Clark City Stadium in Capas, Tarlac province on Feb. 3. PHOTOS COURTESY OF HYBE AND BELIFT LAB

It would be no exaggeration to say that the seven members of K-pop group Enhypen are Filipino darlings. You’ve probably heard their songs playing during your daily commute, may it be from a viral TikTok video they’ve posted, or a neighborhood fan just blasting their hit songs at full volume. 

Filipinos have long held a torch for the boys. The members have captured the hearts of many fans here just by being themselves. The boys have recommended their favorite songs from Filipino artists, replied to Filipino Engenes (fandom name) with a “Mahal kita so much,” and even recorded covers of their favorite OPM tracks. Enhypen coming back to the Philippines for a show was always a given. It was just a matter of when. 


On Saturday, it finally happened. Around 25,000 Filipino Engenes filled the New Clark City (NCC) Stadium for the band’s much-awaited return to the country. 

The septet brought their second world tour, “Fate,” to the Philippines on Feb. 3, a year after their last record-breaking three-day concert weekend in Manila. (The boys held their Manifesto tour on Feb. 3 to Feb. 5, 2023.)  The band once again made history this weekend as the first K-pop group to headline a concert at NCC. 

“Actually, coming back to the Philippines was really something I was looking forward to,” member Heeseung said. For their second world tour, the septet held 21 shows in 13 cities all over the globe, performing for over 327,000 of their fans in the biggest venues of their career. They officially marked the last stop of their “Fate” world tour in the Philippines.

Larger than life

Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki were larger than life the second they appeared onstage, in striking regal white outfits, executing each dance move perfectly, down to the minutiae. 

Enhypen at "Fate" Tour in New Clark City
Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki performed for 25,000 Filipino fans from all over the country.

The seven members of Enhypen opened the night with the dreamy thumping bass of “Drunk-Dazed,” followed by the roaring guitar riffs of “Blockbuster.” The stadium’s aural effect was immediately noticeable, with the bass moving through you, each riff becoming tangible as screams ricocheted across the massive venue. 

It’s a strong opening, with the members urging you to focus on them and only them. When the members finally greeted their Filipino Engenes, there’s a sense of familiarity that made the venue smaller than it seemed. “Bumalik kami para sa inyo (We came back for you),” Jay enthusiastically declared.

Achieved dreams

They then pulled you into their intricate world, making it clear that witnessing them achieve their dreams on that fateful Saturday night was written in the stars, an act of destiny, a work of “Fate.” 

“Fate” is a flourishing portrait of the seven members’ journey as musicians. From club bangers to sweet, sentimental pop, Enhypen’s discography has always been a rich tapestry of their idiosyncrasies. The band crafted the setlist for this tour with a newfound confidence, unafraid to show the different sides of their musical catalog. They played their earlier hits like “Flicker” and “Fever” with practiced finesse, commanding the stage like the seasoned pros that they’ve become.

On stage in one of the biggest venues they’ve played, all the members of Enhypen were self-assured, confident and braver than we’ve ever seen them before.

Enhypen at "Fate" Tour in New Clark City

Their six-month world tour has only made them much more vocally enamoring. When the boys slowed it down for an acoustic rendition of “TFW (That Feeling When),” they brought forth giddy thrills of young love with their honeyed harmonies. With member Jay on guitar, every heart in that stadium became theirs—hook, line and sinker. 


The boys then got closer to their Engenes during “Polaroid Love,” the viral hit that made them Filipino household names. Colorful moving carts toured around the New Clark City stadium, with the seven boys posing for their fans, granting them hearts and sending them kisses, making sure they saw every Engene down to the last row.

In “One and Only,” they were bright and playful, joking around with Pikachu mascots that turned the stage into one ridiculously adorable wonderland. It’s a nod to their previous collaboration with the nostalgic pocket monsters, Pokémon, a treat for their fans. 

Orange sea

Enhypen seemed to gain just as much energy from the crowd as the night went on. They loosened up, performing silly dance breaks on stage, unapologetically being their youthful selves in one of the biggest stages of their careers. At times, they were just 20-something boys who loved to perform and create music, hanging out with the thousands of people who’ve had their backs since the beginning. 

Both Enhypen and Engene illuminated this intimacy in “Shout Out,” when everyone in the venue rose from their seats to sing their hearts out with the seven boys. The crowd sang till their voice was hoarse, as if wanting the whole world to hear just how much they loved the seven. The members were just as determined, clutching their mics as they looked toward their thousands of Engenes. “Till the end of time / the story of you and I,” Enhypen and Engene sang to each other, a moment, a year in the making.

On cue, an orange sea of marigolds rippled throughout the venue. The boys were caught by surprise, as they marveled at the field of flowers. A message from Engenes, a flower path blossoming upon their feet. The stadium then launched into the chorus of “Orange Flower,” their recently released fan song, as member Heeseung led the crowd.

“This is the Philippines I remember,” member Jay said, while the other members praised the crowd.

Extra mile

Enhypen have always made sure to treat fans all over the world to special performances in “Fate” tour, but in New Clark City, the surprises were endless. As a gift to their Engenes, Sunghoon danced to the chorus of SB19’s “Gento,” while Sunoo treated fans to a gorgeous rendition of “Moving Closer” by Never the Strangers. Member Ni-ki also showed fans a special snippet of his “Like This” performance, while Heeseung serenaded the crowd with Zack Tabudlo’s “Give Me Your Forever.”

Enhypen goes the extra mile onstage, making sure to learn about Filipino culture the best they can. When fans successfully lit up a blue garden for an early celebration of Jungwon’s birthday, the leader took it upon himself to express his gratitude in Filipino, asking the translator to teach him how to say “Sobrang salamat po (Thank you very much)” in real-time.

In celebration, the boys turned the stadium into a rave, partying with Engenes during the bombastic “Go Big or Go Home.” The crowd enthusiastically chanted the members’ names, their voices dominating the stadium. “I’m just so happy that we saved the best for last,” member Jake declared, hyping the Filipino crowd all the more. 

Mystical vampires

Deeper into the night, the seven boys came back as mystical vampires, a role they’ve inhabited since their debut. In concert, they were as magnetic as the undead we find in fiction. Every flick of their wrist, every pump of their chest in the occult fan favorite “Criminal Love” is a bodily experience, one that was aptly met by gushing squeals from the crowd. 

In “One in a Billion,” their chemistry onstage matched their immortal personas—as if the seven boys were living their thousandth life together. Their brotherhood translated even more in concert, with just one look at each other, an encouraging nod here and there. It’s a bond forged by blood, sweat and tears, making their teamwork onstage all the more magical. 

The members then transformed into a force of elegance and mystery, enchanting the crowd with the chart-topping “Bite Me.” 

Enhypen at "Fate" Tour in New Clark City
Enhypen is the first K-pop act to perform in New Clark City.

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The last few songs of “Fate” are Enhypen’s sonic signatures. Their tracks “Sweet Venom” and the stadium-ready “Karma,” are carried by the members’ preternatural charm and dark charisma, suspending time and space, as the stadium lit up in a dazzling display of fireworks. 

Enhypen ends Fate Tour in New Clark City

“The more time passes, the more I’m starting to believe that Engene and Enhypen meeting each other out of literally billions of people was fate,” member Sunghoon said. 

The boys then came together for a hug, as they marked the last show of their six-month world tour. It was a celebration of their hard work and perseverance, one that they wanted to share with their Filipino Engenes. A backdrop of kaleidoscopic fireworks painted the night sky, as the crowd gazed upon their idols with adoration. The moment felt infinite, with trails of light and color spiraling across the stadium, a bright reminder of what the future held for the seven members.

“It’s not easy to love someone for so long, that’s why at times I am amazed at how great you all appeal to me,” Ni-ki addressed the crowd. 

Give and take

“Because of you, our Engenes, who never get tired of showing us your support, our last stop in Asia and the last of this tour, ‘Fate,’ has come to an end, and I have no regrets. Next time we meet, we will come back with our better selves,” member Sunoo said. 

Maybe fate is what brought them to this very stadium on the outskirts of the Metro. Perhaps, fate is finding the best version of yourself amid thousands of music lovers, fellow fans who just want to support the same people who changed your life for the better. Maybe fate is finding the right bandmates, friends who you can collaborate and create magical music with, seven brothers who you can achieve your dreams with.

For Enhypen, this is their fate. To be loved, and to return the love they receive. It’s a give-and-take (pun intended) between Enhypen and Engenes, and on Saturday, it was fate that brought them together.

Enhypen “Fate” Tour in New Clark City is presented by Pulp Live World and Happee Hour.

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This story came out on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Feb. 11 issue.

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