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Chanyeol is Manila’s new sweetheart

Chanyeol Penshoppe

EXO’s Park Chanyeol is a giant sweetheart. It’s a perfect match for the cool boyfriend look he dons as the global ambassador of the clothing brand Penshoppe.

In the press conference held at Conrad Hotel in Pasay City hours before his solo fan meeting. It was organized by the Penshoppe. Chanyeol proved once again just how good he is at his job. He is as an idol loved by millions of fans. As an ambassador, he understands and appreciates the brand he represents. 

Chanyeol likes to wear clothes that are comfortable | Photo by Eugene Araneta

Wearing a white collared shirt, jeans, and white shoes, Chanyeol exuded “boyfriend vibes,” a sentiment mentioned repeatedly by his fans in social media. Chanyeol himself said that he prefers casual styles and the classic and clean look for his fashion.

“But for me, what completes one’s fashion is confidence. We need to have a positive mindset to express our fashion,” Chanyeol said. 


Chanyeol shared a lot of personal acclamations for the brand. 

“I’m exercising a lot these days. And I wear Penshoppe’s shirts often these days because they make my body line look nicer and they are comfortable to wear,” he said.

Chanyeol also shared a lot of love for his Filipino fans whose support has always been tremendous and unwavering. This December fan meeting with Penshoppe is already his third visit in the country in 2023. 

“I was able to visit the Philippines several times this year and every time I visit, Filipino fans are very passionate. Whenever I come to the Philippines, I receive a lot of energy and love,” Chanyeol said.

“What makes me the most excited coming here is seeing EXO-Ls and they make me really happy whenever I visit here. I also saw on social media that you can see my big billboards with Penshoppe on the road and it makes me feel excited to see them too while I’m here,” he added.


In the press conference, Chanyeol also talked about his future career plans, like possibly releasing a solo album soon.

“I’ve done a lot of various activities and projects in the past but I think I haven’t shown my side as a solo artist a lot yet so I would like to release a solo album too if I could,” Chanyeol said, to the delight of his fans who got to attend the press conference.

Chanyeol in Manila for the third time | Eugene Araneta

Chanyeol also shared that what he wants with his music is for it “to be something that is easy to listen to and enjoy.”

“I love it when Filipino fans sing along with us and enjoy the concert in a really fun way so I receive a lot of energy too and enjoy the moment with you guys,” Chanyeol said.

When asked if there’s anything he’d like to get or switch with the other EXO members, Chanyeol had a very heartwarming response.

“There isn’t anything I would like to change. I think all EXO members have charming points and I think I’m beautiful as myself  for who I am and each and every member of EXO are beautiful for who they are so I wouldn’t switch anything with anyone,” he said.

As someone who is admired by many people, Chanyeol gave this very sweet advice to his fans. 

“Do as you wish, whatever it might be. Whether it be in your profession or with your relationship with other people, the most important thing is to follow your heart. Because whenever you do, you will not have any regrets,” he said.

The press conference ended with Chanyeol’s promise to his Filipino fans: “Let’s make today the best day of our lives. I’m ready.”

Not yet

Chanyeol’s solo fan meeting for Penshoppe was held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. 

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Wearing a black varsity jacket embroidered with his name from Penshoppe’s Holiday Collection, he performed EXO-SC’s song “Nothin” for his opening performance.

Other songs he sang were EXO-SC’s “Rodeo Station” and his solo songs “SSFW,” “Tomorrow,” and “Good Enough.”

He also played several interactive games with the audience and even gave some lucky fans tees that he designed himself onstage.

Chanyeol’s fans prepared special things for him in the form of voice notes and huge banners that showed their love for him. But when one fan called him “uncle” in a video, he pretended to be offended.

“No! No!” he said. For his ending ment (in K-pop speak, speech during a performance break), he was adamant not to be called uncle. “Not yet,” he said. 

The Penshoppe fan meeting was definitely a precious and memorable holiday gift for both Chanyeol and Filipino EXO-Ls.

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