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Funny girl Melai Cantiveros is ‘Ma’am Chief’ : Movie review
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Funny girl Melai Cantiveros is ‘Ma’am Chief’ : Movie review

It’s not a secret that Melai Cantiveros-Francisco never fails to make us laugh. From her Pinoy Big Brother days to her journey as an actres, she has proven to us that she carries the natural aura of a comedian within her.

Cantiveros brought this  quirky and fun personality with her as she played Selda Kaptan in  the movie “Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul.”  The film is created by Pulp COO Happee Sy-Go and directed by Kring Kim. It is produced by Pulp Live Studios.

Melai in Ma'am Chief
Screengrab from “Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul” teaser via PULP Studios Youtube.

Cantiveros plays the role of Police Exec. Msgt. Criselda “Selda” Kaptan who has been suspended from participating in their police force’s field operations due to her failure in apprehending the criminal, Abraham Apostol played by Pepe Herrera. It also caused the dismissal of fellow police officer and friend Joy, played Jennica Garcia

Burdened by guilt, Selda grabs the chance to redeem herself and reinstate Joy as a policewoman when the opportunity to correct her mistakes comes. 

The opportunity comes in an interesting and exciting way to Selda. They found out that Apostol is hiding in South Korea. She disguises herself as a tour guide in Seoul and goes on a secret mission to catch the fugitive, making use of her being the “Fangirl pulis ng bayan ”.

Funny girl Melai Cantiveros

Cantiveros as a natural funny girl on both on-screen and off-screen showed us her exceptional portrayal as Selda Kaptan. PULP Studios’ debut film gave us the humor that Filipino viewers are looking for. From the actors and actresses’ expressions, movements, script and down to the characters’ name, “Ma’am Chief” did a great job in keeping us entertained and making us laugh.

Melai, Jennica and Alora in Ma'am Chief
Jennica, Melai and Alora as Joy, Selda and Yas in “Ma’am Chief.” Photo from film’s teaser via PULP Studios’ Youtube.

Selda as fangirl

As a fellow K-pop and K-drama stan, Selda is definitely our spirit animal. Her reactions and impressions of South Korea, its culture and its people definitely catches our attention and makes us all chant: “That’s sooo me!”.  

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Melai in Ma'am Chief
Screengrab from “Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul” teaser. Photo via PULP Studios Youtube

Appearances of our favorite Korean stars

Selda’s experience in South Korea is definitely one for the books! Adding to the film’s excitement is the appearance of our favorite “Vagabond” star Lee Seung-gi and “Hwarang” star Do Ji-Han. 

Lee Seung-gi with Melai Cantiveros
Melai with Lee Seung-gi. Photo by @mrandmrsfrancisco via Instagram
Melai Cantiveros with Do Ji-han during the press conference of Ma’am Chief. Photo by Ruth L. Navarra

Their cameo in the movie is surely one of the things that you should look out for. Keep your eyes open throughout the film and see for yourself how these Korean stars captivate Selda and us with their overflowing charm. 

“Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul” is light, funny and fresh action-adventure movie that showcases the perfect chemistry between Filipino stars and Korean stars.  Film starts showing on Nov. 15.

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