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We asked Enhypen about ‘Orange Blood’ and their upcoming ‘Fate’ tour in the Philippines in this exclusive interview
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We asked Enhypen about ‘Orange Blood’ and their upcoming ‘Fate’ tour in the Philippines in this exclusive interview

SEOUL (UPDATED, Jan. 5)—Here at Super, we are starting 2024 with the best of the best. The boys of ENHYPEN have definitely cemented their status as K-pop mavericks with the release of their genre-bending mini album “Orange Blood” last November. With “Sweet Venom” came another side of the spectacular seven, where they, of course, had us all under their spell all over again. 

Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki have since dazzled in year-end award shows, Thanksgiving parade stints and sold-out concerts, meeting their fans all over the world. 

This love for their fans has translated to real-time Weverse lives, fun TikTok challenges (ENHYPEN are among TikTok’s most-viewed artists of 2023), and just good old-fashioned communication with their dear ENGENEs. Over the years, ENHYPEN and their ENGENE have created a unique relationship, akin to best friends who genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 

This connection with their fans has translated to real-time Weverse (a social media platform for their fans) lives, fun TikTok challenges (the Gen Z septet was declared as the third most viewed artists of TikTok Korea, just behind K-pop legends BTS and Blackpink), and just good old-fashioned communication with their dear Engenes (fandom).

There are mundane life updates here and there, a constant reassurance that they can’t wait to meet each other again, and a genuine love for music shared by artists and fans. It’s a sincere, ever-growing relationship between a band that undoubtedly grew with their fanbase.

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Soulful nostalgia

Such is the magic of “Orange Blood,” the band’s latest mini album. The title track “Sweet Venom” is powered by a psychedelic bass that gently thrums in your veins, with a catchy, fluid groove that captures soulful nostalgia. It’s admittedly a change from the previous “Bite Me,” but a welcome one, as the seven prove that they also have a penchant for fun, retro synth-pop numbers, that will easily make any listener bop their head to the catchy rhythm. 

This album also captures the best of Enhypen’s vocals, their thespian-like inflections punctuating their lore as they continue to tell their gothic vampire fantasy in tracks like “Still Monster” and “Blind.” The members’ tenure and experience shine in the production of this EP, where it is clear that the boys of Enhypen are having a grand time trying new things and developing their versatile musical style in the junior year of their career. 

The mini album is bookended by the blooming “Orange Flower (You Complete Me),” a growing fan favorite. It’s chasing sunsets with the seven members, with an overarching message that is as tender as it is true. “Color my world, full of you / Love of my heart, in my empty world,” the boys sing, as they invite you to escape to eternity together. It’s delicate, bathed in the warm glow of sunlight they’ve bottled in melodies. The song now means the world to their Engenes, as for both the band and their fandom, this shared connection is what grounds their journey together.

Youthful sincerity

“Orange Blood” is youthful sincerity in spades—listeners of the EP may be guided by the visual cue of red and yellow hues, a warm orange gradient that captures the romance of Enhypen’s music. It’s an album that feels the way it looks, a synesthetic orange that glows in your chest as you listen.

The album illuminates Enhypen’s greatest strength since their humble beginnings on I-Land. It has always been the seven members’ sincerity toward everything they do that has propelled them forward. As the septet now conquers bigger stages around the world, “Orange Blood” is a warm, dazzling offering to their fans, an artist’s promise: “You complete me.” 

In an exclusive interview, the members of ENHYPEN answered Inquirer Super’s questions about their newest EP, the behind-the-scenes of their creative process, and their love for Filipino ENGENEs. 

Your new comeback “Orange Blood” seems to be dedicated to your ENGENEs, your fans. Could you tell us more about the album as a whole and why you wanted to create an EP that had this message?

HEESEUNG: I think “Orange Blood” is an album that encapsulates happiness. We prepared songs with the intention of making ENGENEs happy when they listen to this album, so I hope they can enjoy it with us.

For Jay, you worked alongside the renowned producer Slow Rabbit to craft the title track. What was that experience like and what did you take away from it? Can we expect more tracks from you in the future? For the other members, can you share any memorable behind-the-scenes moments during the production and creation of this album? 

JAY: Getting the chance to work with Slow Rabbit was a valuable experience, but I don’t think I’ve reached a stage where I’m entirely satisfied with my work. I see this as just a beginning, so I’ll continue working hard to make progress.

JUNGWON: The recording process took much less time for this album compared to before, which made me think, ‘Wow, everyone must have improved.’ As always, I imagined myself performing these songs while recording them.

SUNOO: I had a good feeling preparing for “Orange Blood,” because I could really feel our growth as an artist.

You shot the album concept trailer in Jeju Island. What was that experience like and how was it acting with the members again? It seems like your acting skills are improving, so can we look forward to more storylines in the future? As such, do you have any fun stories to share behind the scenes in Jeju?

NI-KI: Perhaps it was because we also shot a concept trailer for “Dark Blood,” but I found it easier to get into the zone for acting than before.

SUNGHOON: I was the only member who didn’t need to go underwater during the shoot, so I remember others being jealous of me for that. The scenery of Jeju Island was very beautiful, and we could all relax and fully enjoy our time there.

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During this world tour, you got up close and personal with your fans. How was it meeting ENGENEs from all over the world, and how did that inspire you and help you prepare for this comeback? 

JAKE: I’m always thrilled to see our fans and talk to them, so I was very excited to hear that we were doing send-offs for the US leg of our world tour. The energy we’ve received from ENGENEs during the tour so far has motivated us to work even harder for this comeback.

During this tour, what did the members learn about each other? Are there any new habits that you noticed about each other or new rituals that you’ve created as a team? 

JUNGWON: It’s very random, but Heeseung always has a Coke before singing.

You guys also announced the Asia leg of the “FATE” world tour recently, with even bigger venues. ENHYPEN is making Philippine history as the first K-pop group to perform at the New Clark City Stadium, which hosted the 30th Southeast Asian Games. As such, what can fans expect from ENHYPEN’s world tour this year? Do you guys have a message for Philippine fans who are eager to share this historic moment with you? 

HEESEUNG: I’m incredibly excited to have ENGENEs share this meaningful moment with us. Can’t wait to reunite with our Filipino ENGENEs! Mahal kita so much <3

NI-KI: We wish to deliver performances that go above and beyond ENGENEs’ expectations, and we’ll give the show all we have!

Many Filipino fans are also eagerly waiting for your comeback. Do you have any significant tour memories with Filipino fans? What do you remember the most about “Manifesto” in Manila, and what do you expect to see from Filipino fans during your “FATE” world tour this year? 

JAKE: Filipino ENGENEs always go hard. I love you guys and see you again soon. 🙂

SUNOO: Thanks to the enthusiastic support from our Filipino ENGENEs, we were able to put on three shows in the Philippines during our last “Manifesto” tour. I vividly recall how much fun we all had, surrounded by the cheers from ENGENEs. Can’t wait to have an even more fun show this time! See you soon!

Tickets for “FATE” in New Clark City on Feb. 3 are available on PULP’s website. Check out announcements from @pulpliveworld for more details about the upcoming concert. Follow Super K on Facebook and Inquirer Super on Instagram and X app for more updated news and events. 

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