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Ji Chang-wook and his adventures in Manila
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Ji Chang-wook and his adventures in Manila

Ji Chang-wook in Manila

South Korean actor Ji Chang-wook did not waste any time since he landed in Manila.  He was seen exploring Bonifacio Global City and Greenbelt since he arrived in the country on Nov. 4. 

It turned out that he did so for his vlog.   The actor launched his Youtube channel in 2019.  It’s likely he would be posting his adventures in Manila soon.

He was seen having coffee in Greenbelt and exiting the Bench store in BGC. He revealed in the press conference what he was doing there. 

“I had halo-halo and pork sisig yesterday,” he said.  Halo-halo was recommended to him while he was at the Bench Cafe. But what brought him joy are the fans whom he met since he landed. 

And yet, he also wished he could explore Boracay.  That was what he told the press when he met them at The Peninsula Manila on Nov. 5. Sam Oh hosted the event. 


“I’m actually very happy because I was able to get welcomed by a lot of fans when I arrived here in the Philippines.  I thought the weather was going to be quite hot but when I arrived here, it was actually nice here,” he told the Philippine media during a press conference at the Manila Peninsula in Makati.  

He was excited to meet his fans.  It was the reason why he’s holding the fanmeet, and the reason why it is titled, “Reach You”. 

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to reach my fans.  We’ve been far away from each other,” he said. I’m very grateful to have different events all over the world and in different countries. This also drives me to work harder so that you don’t try to try out different events and try out.”

Ji told the press that he chooses a role based on communication.  How well would he be able to talk to the writers and directors to help him get through the role that he is going to take on.  

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His whole heart

He has starred in several series including “Empress Ki,” “Healer,” “The K2,” “Melting Me Softly,” “The Sound of Music,” and “If You Wish Upon Me.”  But when he was asked to choose which one is his favorite, he couldn’t do it. 

“Actually, it’s kind of hard for me to choose because of all the series that I have worked for,  I poured my heart into it,” he said. 

Ji also told the press that he is willing to take on any role if opportunity presents itself. That includes working in the country, too.  He talked about the collaboration that he has with Bench.

“Bench was the first company that I was able to support work in the Philippines. And they were very hospitable and accommodating. A you can see in the video. I’m very happy or satisfied with the results and the videos,” he said 

His life

Ji was also asked about “Reach You” which will be held in Mall of Asia Arena on Nov. 6.  

“I guess I’ll be talking about my personal life and also the series that I have to work for.  I’ll be singing some songs in English,” he said. 

Ever the humble person, he said that he is not a professional singer.  Ji has starred in several musicals including Shinheung Military Academy Musical. He would choose acting over singing if given the chance.

“I was just fortunate to get an opportunity to sing for a track,” he said.  “So you see in my fan meeting you will see that I have a lot of mistakes.”

He sang tracks from his sown

He mentioned these so-called mistakes on his Instagram account earlier.  In the post, he said that he is being scolded by his fans by tagging him in videos of him.  He jokingly told them to not post it.  

By the end of the press conference, he thanked the media for coming and said “Salamat po.

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