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Here’s a list of where to go and what to do in Tarlac when you attend ENHYPEN’s ‘Fate’ World Tour


Engenes! With ENHYPEN as the first K-pop group to hold a concert in the New Clark City Stadium on Feb. 3, make your Tarlac trip worthwhile with these must-visit tourist spots and mouth-watering restaurants and pasalubongs!

ENHYPEN during their ‘Dark Blood’ promotions

Bueno Hot Spring

Bueno Hot Spring which is about 3 feet in height and has a 45 to 49 degrees centigrade temperature | via Municipality of Capas

Located in Sitio Danum Mapali and just 22 minutes away from New Clark City Stadium, Bueno Hot Spring could be the place where you can relieve all the back pain and muscle restraints you got from dancing, singing, and cheering your heart out for ENHYPEN. This natural hot spring is impounded in two concrete pools and has a range of around 45 to 49 degrees centigrade. If you’re looking for a place to relax after the concert, then this is the place to be!

Tambo Lake

tambo lake
The inviting scenery of Tambo Lake | via Municipality of Tarlac

If you’re in for an ATV adventure and a swim in the lake with your co-Engenes, then Tambo Lake would be the perfect destination. Tambo Lake was interestingly formed when Mt. Pinatubo erupted on June 15, 1991. With just 100 pesos as their entrance fee and 3, 500 pesos for 2 pax to ride their ATV, you will surely enjoy the calming breeze and serene Tambo Lake. Aside from the ATV adventure, you may also try water paddling, fishing, and swimming. 

Kart City Tarlac

Everything, everywhere, all at once. Who would have known that Kart City Tarlac, aside from their kart rentals, is also a place for live bands, game room for family and friends, coffee shop, and a place to quench your cravings for different cuisines! Open from 12 pm to 12 am every day, Kart City Tarlac is the best place for your post-concert sesh. Grab your favorite Engene and enjoy the variety of activities and food that they offer. 

Pitas Mo Luto Ko Organic Restaurant 

Just 11 minutes away from New Clark City Stadium, Pitas Mo Luto Ko Organic Restaurant offers cheap yet savory lutong bahay dishes. This restaurant would be perfect if you’re already missing your mom’s signature Kare-Kare. Aside from fresh vegetables, they also offer meat and seafood dishes which are all guaranteed to be freshly and neatly cooked. Pitas Mo Luto Ko Organic Restaurant is open from 9am to 7pm. For your own perusal, here’s their menu.  

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Le Sserafim media showcase

Betty’s Native Cakes 

Who could ever resist the temptation of kakanins? If you’re looking to satisfy your cravings for the almighty kakanin, Betty’s Native Cakes is a popular native delicacy store that would not disappoint you. They offer almost all of pinoy kakanins but their best sellers are the duman rice cake (pinipig) and capit roll (rice cake with latik). Surely, every Engene would enjoy this Filipino staple! 

Centro Pasalubong de Tarlac

Scared that your parents might disown you for being away from home for so long? Bring them pasalubong and your worries will go away! Centro Pasalubong de Tarlac is the most recommended last stop before going home so you can buy your family and friends back home their pasalubongs. Their goods and products which are mostly Tarlac delicacies are made by farmers and cooperatives of the Province of Tarlac, so buying from their store would help them gain revenue. 

If you want to enjoy your Tarlac trip to the fullest, make sure to visit these places with your co-Engenes! Have fun at the ENHYPEN FATE World Tour!

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