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Behind every genius Stray Kids look is this stylist
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Behind every genius Stray Kids look is this stylist

Stray Kids Style

Behind every genius K-pop look is a stylist who has to conform to the expectations of the fans while trying to bring out the unique identity of the artist. One such stylist is Doooho (@Doooho on Instagram), whose work is seen on artists such as Stray Kids, NMIXX, BamBam, HyunA and Dawn.

Doooho can be hyperfixated on a certain look, using it repeatedly in different ways to achieve different vibes. He is playful and likes to experiment.

Take, for example, the blood-drip necklace, which is a popular addition to Halloween attire. Typically it’s a choker with red beads daintily hanging on one side to look like blood drippings. It’s a nice touch if you’re going for a stylish macabre look.


Doooho used the same technique to style Stray Kids during the recent year-end festival of SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System). It was Christmas-themed and gathered an impressive lineup of Korean artists. Hence, fans got to see their favorite artists in red stage costumes and Santa hats.

Instead of going this literal route, Doooho chose to dress the eight-piece self-producing group in black and white suits with wine-colored ties embroidered with the stylized letter “S.” Pops of glittering red were placed strategically on different parts of their outfits. Each member had edges of their clothing torn and dyed red and embellished with black and red beads, mimicking blood. 

Bang Chan, Hyunjin and I.N had theirs on the arms; Han and Felix at the waist; Changbin on the thighs; and Lee Know on the chest. Only Seungmin had none.

Beneath the embellished edges were ersatz bandages, as if to say that the Stray Kids had just come from battle. They complied with the something-red dress code, yet they still managed to stay true to their off-kilter image.


Doooho is known to leave his signature on his styling. For example, Lee Know’s fit for SBS shows a couple of huge safety pins to keep his red vest together. The same pin was seen on Han in one of their outings during the promotion of their album “Rock-star.” The stylist dressed the Stray Kids’ ace in a gray cropped cardigan with a cut-out on the chest. The pin was placed to keep the pieces together. It was one of Han’s best looks yet.

Felix in half skirt
Hyunjin in fishnet hoodie
Han’s cardigan is bunched up on the back, giving the fans what they want | Photos from Stray Kids Facebook

Doooho was also responsible for making Hyunjin wear a white fishnet hoodie that made him look like a knight in the “Rock-Star” album. Interestingly, he also did similar styling for NMIXX for their “FE304: Break” album. Doooho made the girls wear pink lace hoodies that looked like veils and gave them a mysterious aura. He previously used this styling for soloist Dawn (formerly E’Dawn of Pentagon) in 2019.

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The stylist’s penchant for the fleur-de-lis motif and crosses can also be seen in his styling for Stray Kids—the members wore the symbol throughout their recent album promotions.

Doooho’s signature is on the details. You can spot his favorite fleur-de-lis and crosses in this jacket that I.N wore. | I.N’s Instagram

Some of the looks that can be credited to Doooho that made fans wild were the half skirts that he made Lee Know, Han and Felix wear over their pants. The androgynous looks were brilliant.

But Doooho had some misses, too. Fans pointed out that making Hyunjin wear heavy racing boots was a good look on the red carpet, but not so much on stage, as they posed some danger to the idol. The stylist paid for it dearly online as fans excoriated him, but he seems to have taken it all in stride, judging by the inspired looks he came up for the group after. 

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