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Enhypen set to have a fanmeet on December
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Enhypen set to have a fanmeet on December

K-pop boy group Enhypen is the newest endorser of BYS Philippines.  The beauty brand has been dropping hints about the endorsement of Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki for days. 

In a release from BYS, they said that the boys will be “gracing the shelves” as well as the social media platforms of the brand.  

“We have to be in the now, with one foot in the future, constantly surprising and delighting our customers with cut-through product-lines, collaborations, and endorsers. And we’ve got to top ourselves especially on our 10th anniversary. Enhypen is perfect with their playful edge, creativity, and personality,” said iFace president Angie Goyena

Enhypen is comprised of the seven finalists of the survival show “I-Land”.  They debuted on Nov. 30,  2020 with preorders for their album before they even debuted.  

In less than two years, they grew their fiercely devoted fandom known as Engene. 



Creative plays

Enhypen’s musical and visual range has driven a frenzy the world over and it is precisely this creative range that made BYS Philippines choose them.  The septet are the epitome of playful creativity, experimenting with different facets of their musicality and personality.

From futuristic neons to the almost vampiric goth shades, both Enhypen and BYS Philippines flex that range and duality—the group with their music videos, and the makeup brand with its products. While Enhypen has million-dollar tracks with titles like “Given-Taken” and “Blessed-Cursed,” BYS has collections playing from Barbie-pink to K-pop and K-drama cool.

The creative drive is just one way that ties the two together. Enhypen’s name speaks of values similar to that of BYS. It takes inspiration from the ‘hyphen(-)’ that connects different words to create new meaning, reflecting the group’s mission to connect—connect to each other, connect the world through music, and grow together.


Similarly, BYS, which stands for Be Yourself, strives to constantly connect with their customers and connect customers to themselves. BYS does so by offering a wide range of affordable but quality makeup and skincare to empower users to create, play, and ultimately be themselves, no matter their personality. 

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And these playful traits that Enhypen and BYS share gave birth to this year’s campaign, You Play You.

 “Like I always say, in the beauty industry, you’ve got to live with one foot in the future. And Enhypen? Well, they’re future-perfect,” quips Angie Goyena.

BYS Philippines also announced a Fun Meet with Enhypen happening on Dec. 3 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.  For further announcements, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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