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‘Wait for me’: GOT7 Jinyoung tells fans
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‘Wait for me’: GOT7 Jinyoung tells fans

Jinyoung Manila

Jinyoung has been the standard for boyfriend material as a GOT7 visual and center. He still lives up to that reputation as an actor and solo artist. Jinyoung, also known as
Park Jin-young, showcased his own brand of sweetness, sincerity and wit last week.

The concept of “Rendezvous in Manila: Secret Meeting Between You and Me” is him calling his fans to meet with him. He is the sixth member of the Kpop group GOT7 to come
to Manila as a solo artist. The event was promoted by Pulp Live World.

The venue was packed and intimate and you could hear every scream and shout. One fanboy screamed “I love you” in Korean which surprised Jinyoung. He took a pause from
answering the question, smiled and shouted back, “Me too!”

A few seconds later, he turned serious and asked the fan to sit down. It effectively imposed the rule of no standing during the fan concert to not disturb the other fans
watching the event. This was how he looked out for everyone during his event. Sometimes he would shush the audience so everyone could hear what was being said. His fans obeyed.

Funny and intelligent

It also showed how much Jinyoung understands the Filipino Ahgases (GOT7 fandom). He knows their excitement and happiness and shares it with them. But the idol-actor
also knows how to calm them down so everyone could go home with a great experience.

“This is Ahgase!” he declared whenever they made him pleased or proud. Jinyoung’s intelligence and sense of humor became apparent just a few minutes into the event. He would react and tease host Kring Kim, Ara the translator, and his fans.

When Kim praised him for looking 21, he leaned over and covered his mic and mouth to whisper, “Don’t lie to me.”

Jinyoung took his fans down memory lane through his acting journey. He talked about how he had a hard time playing his part in the series “My Love Eun-dong” because he was just a new actor then. With bright eyes looking like he was about to cry, he bowed his head as his words were being translated. His shoulder shook with laughter when his fans reacted.

“I’m just kidding,” he said. “I was a new actor then, of course, I won’t be so good.”

Photos by Eds Garcia

Hilarious moments

The series “The Devil Judge” was discussed next. Kim asked if the fans fell for him in this show. The answer was a resounding yes.

“Me, too!” he said, touching his neck sensually. “I love myself, too!”

If he could choose a super power, he would go for teleportation. That way he could transport anywhere his fans were. Kim said that he should visit the Philippines more often and he quickly answered, “See you tomorrow!”

When “Christmas Carol” was flashed onscreen, he found out that his fans were able to watch the film. He turned to face them, squinted his eyes and suspiciously asked, “How? How did you guys watch this movie?”

The film has not been released in the country. The screams mixed with laughter was deafening. He stood up and walked on the stage and said,

“Whoah! What’s wrong with you, guys?”

The audience doubled over with laughter as he stood, unmoving, onstage. He walked back to his chair before declaring, “This is a secret! I will forget this … 3, 2, 1.”
He snapped his finger and sat down. He proceeded to tease his fans by pretending that the moment was reset.

“Oh! Did you watch this movie? Thank you so much!”

Nice guy

He talked about the hit drama “Yumi’s Cells.” He said that his similarity with Ba-bi is that they share the same face.

“Ba-bi and I are different. Ba-bi is a good person, I am not,” he said, smirking. The fans reacted negatively to this given that the character he played cheated on Yumi. He took this back later on, saying that he’s also kind and nice, too.

His interactions with his fans were heartfelt. He wanted to celebrate February birthday celebrants, but he asked permission from the rest of the fans first. Would it be okay if
those who were celebrating their birthday at the event are given special gifts?

It wasn’t just lip service. He waited for their response before he asked the celebrants to come up to the stage. He didn’t expect six people. Jinyoung only prepared for three.

Husband material

His staff from the side of the stage said that they could accommodate up to five. He looked at them and told them that they would add a Polaroid as a gift to make it six. Jinyoung solved the gift shortage by thinking on his feet, making sure that none of the celebrants were left out.

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He wrote whatever message three celebrants wanted him to write. When one requested him to write “Marry Me,” he wrote “M.M.” before saying that she should find a better man than him. He wiped the tears of a fan who cried, covered the legs of another with a towel when her knees showed when she sat down. One fan challenged him to a dance which they ended with a JJ Cross. It’s a move he created with fellow GOT7 member JayB wherein they cross their arms to an “X” and slam against each other.

He took the time to read the letters of the fans. And he added one more winner just because they requested it.

GOT7 references

Jinyoung paid homage to GOT7. He danced to “Bounce,” “A,” “Just Right,” “Hard Carry” and “You Calling My Name”; he performed “Last Piece” and “Nanana.” In between ments
(talking parts), he performed “Homerun” and ended the concert with “Encore.”

Jinyoung the solo artist took the center stage, opening with “Coming Home” before singing tracks from his first solo album “Chapter 0: WITH.” He started with “Cotton Can-
dy” before going into “Letter,” “Animal,” “Our Miracle,” “Sleep Well” and “Dive.” Jinyoung referred to GOT7 whenever he got the chance.

He talked and joked about JayB, mentioned the group casually, and proudly showed off a photo of him that Yugyeom took. Jinyoung reveled in the love of his fans and he showered them with affection in return.

At the airport, he mostly ignored the curious people watching him, but he walked over to the group of fans waiting for him. Before he left the venue, after the show, he approached the fans and bid them farewell before he got nto his van.

“I love you guys! Wait for me, please. I know I am going to miss you so much. I will be gone for a few years, but I will go back. I love you, [but I] will
not marry you. I’m sorry,” he said at the end of the event.

“Thank you so much for the Philippines. I promise next time (I will come back) with the other (GOT7) members. Thank you, Philippines.”

This is Jinyoung, the perfect boyfriend. Sweet, no-nonsense and loyal, and one who is absolutely worth waiting for.

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