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SHINee Key goes hyper realistic in ‘Good & Great’ music video
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SHINee Key goes hyper realistic in ‘Good & Great’ music video

SHINee Key goes hyper realistic in ‘Good & Great’ music video

Key dropped the music video for “Good & Great” and it’s a workplace anthem that we didn’t know we needed. It is the title track of his second mini album. The lyrics were written by Kenzie while the music is produced by Will Leong, James “Boy Matthews” Norton, and Ferras. 

The song is catchy, easy to remember, and fun to dance along to. 

As expected from the all-rounder from SHINee, Key’s fashion is on point in the video. He shines best when he throws in something unexpected, something innately Key.

Key on top of the streetwear game with this mix print jacket and shirt by Comme des Garçons. | SHINee YouTube Screengrab

One of the scenes, in particular, shows him in a white buttoned-up shirt, bedazzled with rhinestones. 

He wears a black wrap that works like a corset and cinches his waist. He finishes the look with two kinds of pearl necklaces. 

Even in black and white colors, Key manages to push boundaries. | SHINee YouTube Screengrab

Hyper realistic

This time he shows his creativity by continuing the lore that he has slowly built. Key takes the audience on a hyper-realistic trip where “The Wolf of Wall Street” bleeds into the world of “Teletubbies.”  

The lyrics are also dripping with sarcasm as it goes, “I’m good, I’m great. I work, get paid”. This is Key’s sense of humor turned into a song. He dances cheerfully in his Prada suit, as he performs monotonous tasks such as typing on his computer and attending board meetings.  

Then it gets more weird. Bok-sill, also known as Bokshil and BOK-SILLee, is a bright pink monster that first made its appearance in “Gasoline” teaser. It has purple arms and teal legs. Bok-sill was first seen in photos, all tied up, unable to move, eyes bulging in terror. Key rescues him and presumably sets him free. 

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Bok-sill was a victim then.

But in “Good & Great”, he is the white rabbit that lures Key out of the office and into his world. The series of scenes that come after makes you wonder if Bok-sill is his fluffy alter-ego.  

Key Good & Great
CTRL + C, CTRL + V. | SHINee YouTube Screengrab
Key Good & Great
Are they about to sing the “Hills Are Alive”? We don’t know. | SHINee YouTube Screengrab
Key Good & Great
But who did it better? | SHINee YouTube Screengrab

Watch the full video here: 

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