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Seventeen leads the pack at Asia Artist Award 2023


SEVENTEEN’s super fun subunit BooSeokSoon (BSS) proved why they are the life of the party. That they deserve the Performance of the Year grand prize. They made the whole Philippine Arena jump, sing, and dance to their hit songs in the recently concluded 2023 Asian Artist Awards (AAA) held on Dec. 14. 

The name of the subunit is a syllable from the members’ names.  “Boo” from Boo Seung-kwan, “Seok” from Lee Seok-min (DK), and “Soon” from Kwon Soon-young (Hoshi).

As the last performers of the night, there was a lot of anticipation how the trio unit of the widely popular boy group would execute their performances.

Exciting performance

They started their segment with a skit performance to their slower song “7PM,” which was   participated by Korean actors Kim Se-jeong and Lee Dong-hwi and Japanese actor Kentaro Sakaguchi. 

They then amped their performance with their hit song “Fighting” that features rapper Lee Young-ji. Other artists on the floor stood up and danced to “Fighting’s” fun choreography. It has viral among celebrities and locals in Korea since its release in February. Carats (Seventeen’s fandom) have been looking forward to this reunion performance as it has been a while since Lee performed with the trio. 

BooSeokSoon’s Hoshi, DK and Seungkwan | Photo by Edwin Bacasmas

They ended their performance with a very neat and very fun rendition of their debut song “Just Do It.” The addicting lyrics and dance steps of the song made the Filipino fans party like the night was young. It was a sight to behold seeing all other artists jamming to their song but it was extra electrifying to see the audience also jumping on their seats. 

Like a concert

It was the perfect ending for a giant award show like AAA as it united the artists and fans in a concert-like ambiance. 

BSS won their first Daesang (grand prize) of their subunit career from AAA earlier that night. DK shared in his acceptance speech that they want to share their passion and good energy to many people.

Hoshi was shocked when they received the award and thanked the Carats with much sincerity. Seungkwan said their combination started off with them being the crazy and funny members of Seventeen. But also proudly said they are a group who can show what a good performance on stage should be. 

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Possible comeback

BSS also teased a comeback next year and even mentioned a possible special project with their labelmates in HYBE. The trio also shared their award with Youngji who featured in their title song, eliciting fun squeals from the fans who supported their friendship.

Seventeen also received the Album of the Year grand prize in the 2023 AAA. BSS received the award on behalf of their group. They thanked their producers, Pledis family, staff, and Carats in their speech. Seungkwan also made sure to give a shout out to their members Jeonghan and SCoups who were recovering from injuries. They made a promise to show a performance worthy of the title AAA Daesang artists next year. 

This year’s AAA is promoted by Pulp Live World, Tonz Entertainment and Star News Korea. It is powered by Metrobank and Smart.

Congratulations, Seventeen and BooSeokSoon!

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