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Kim Seon-ho thanks all Filipino fans, even those who can’t attend fanmeet
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Kim Seon-ho thanks all Filipino fans, even those who can’t attend fanmeet

Kim Seon-ho

Kim Seon-ho looked like he stepped out of the television and onto the stage of the Grand Ballroom of Hyatt, Pasay City.  He looked perfect in his black suit, showing off his bedimpled cheeks as he smiled to the members of the press which he met with before his fanmeet in the afternoon.

He said that he wished he could speak the language  so he could talk to the press more openly. When praised for his good looks, he waved his hand to humbly say “no.”

Kim Seon-ho named his character in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” as his favorite. He sounded so healing even in the presscon. 

“I hope that Filipino fans who are having a hard time right now but will go to the event will bring home good memories.  Memories that will help them go through some bad times in their lives,” he said.

The actor is having his first fanmeeting in the country  dubbed as “One, Two, Three, Smile”  held at the Mall of Asia Arena on Jan. 28. The event is promoted by Pulp Live World. 

The actor talked how acting in movies and the theater are the same. The only difference  is having a microphone in front of him. 

“But because I am doing theater acting, I learned how to analyze a character and dive deep into a role,” he said.  

This in effect helped him prepare for the roles that he took on. Because he knows how to study a role, it helped him transition from theater to television. 

Chief Hong

He makes sure that he focuses on the character given to him and of course the script.  He studies the characters to portray them as accurately as possible.  For example in “Startup,” he studied what it was like to start a business.

He also hinted about the role that he is currently working on. Kim Seon-ho said that he is going to play the role of a general who is very lonely.  He had to study what makes this character lonely. 

“All of my roles are memorable. But the most memorable is my role as Chief Hong Du-sik,” he said. Chief Hong is his character in the healing drama “Hometown Cha-cha-cha.”

On his good boy roles: He is trying to try what he wants right now. The good boy image influences his environment. 

However, he is trying to stay away from the role of a good boy image so he could try other roles. 

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He has an ongoing project that will be released within the year.  He’s working on the film “Sad Tropics” where he plays as a boxer with a Filipina mom. He is also working on a film where he is playing a general and the character is a little bit sad but he had fun doing this movie.

As for the drama, he doesn’t want to spoil anyone about it.  But it is something he wants to share with everyone. 

“We all experience hard times But if we are having a hard time, we have to keep moving forward or into the future,” he said. 

The sweetest message he said during the press conference was when it was time to thank all the fans who support him. He thanked those who could go to the fanmeet and those who couldn’t. He promised to return soon.

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