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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan apologizes for comments made on Live broadcast
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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan apologizes for comments made on Live broadcast

Bang Chan

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan apologizes for comments he made in a live broadcast. 

The apology was posted on the group’s Instagram account. A black photograph was uploaded in lieu of a photograph. The caption was posted both in Korean and in English.

The post reads:

“Hello, this is Bang Chan from Stray Kids.

I apologize for the offense caused by the comments I made during a recent live broadcast.

I thought about the impact my words and behavior can have on others, and have deeply reflected on myself.

I would like to mention that it was not my intention to specify a certain artist, and that my comments had nothing to do with the artist being mentioned currently.

I would like to express my deepest apologies to the artist who has been hurt by my careless words. I sincerely apologize.

I will be more cautious of what I say in order to ensure this does not happen again.

Once again, I sincerely apologize.”

Live broadcast

The apology comes after his weekly live broadcast on YouTube on Sunday, May 14. Fans asked about their time at Music Bank in Paris where Stray Kids was part of the lineup. 

“Music Bank in Paris was really good. It was fun because I haven’t been to Paris in such a long time. It was really, really great,” he said. 

He praised other artists who went to perform in the show as well.  He said, “We got to share the stage with a lot of great artists.  It was very very nice.”  

Bang Chan continued his Live to talk about the experience. 

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“I may sound like a BoomerI think generations are different and I know that as well. I feel like that it has come to a point where greeting someone is not considered as basic manners,” he said.  


He continued to say, “I’m not cussing people out.  It’s just that I feel like I am thinking too much about it?  Cause when you see someone walk by and you say hi, ‘Oh, Annyeonghaseyo!’ Then if they don’t reply back… okay?

“But I feel like it has to a point where this generation is allowed to do that.  Just not care. If that’s right?  I guess there were few scenarios that would happen. 

“At first, I was like.. Okay. Maybe I’m exaggerating… but for me I am just going to say hi the best I can. Because I am here to have fun and greet the people I like and respect. That was the whole vibe. Those are the things I remember from Music Bank in Paris.”

When his fans pressed him to drop the names of those who he’s referring to, Bang Chan refused to do so.  He continued, “I guess it’s a different generation. I guess I have to live with it, right?”

He also rationalized that perhaps because he doesn’t know some people and that could be the reason why they didn’t greet back.  Bang Chan also said that they could’ve been shy. He ended the topic by saying he enjoyed his time in Music Bank. 

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