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Cravity charms Manila
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Cravity charms Manila
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Cravity charms Manila

Cravity surprised Luvity (fandom name) when member Taeyoung declared, “Walang uuwi!” (“No one goes home.”) The chant is often heard in K-pop concerts, the audience’s way of expressing to the performers how much they’re enjoying the show.

But things were flipped at the Philippine leg of the “Masterpiece” tour, held at the New Frontier Theater on Aug. 5. The event was promoted by DNM Entertainment. During the ment (segment of the concert where the performers talk to the audience) of Minhee, Taeyoung, Serim, Allen, Hyeongjun, Seongmin, Wonjin, Woobin and Jungmo, the crowd started chanting the famous line.

It was so loud that it caught Taeyoung and Minhee’s attention. The translator explained what it meant and Taeyoung started chanting with the audience: “Walang uuwi!” There were cheers and Taeyoung clapped and laughed at their reaction.

Range and growth


Cravity came onstage in black, white and maroon, colors representing elegance, passion and mystery. They started with “Get Lifted,” “Baddie” and “My Turn.” As the lyrics of “My Turn” goes, “You can count on it, this is just a teaser.”

“Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat, ako po ang inyong pilot, enjoy ang flight niyo with Cravity! (Good evening, everyone! I’m your pilot. Enjoy your flight with Cravity),” said Allen, introducing “Fly” in Filipino.

The event lasted for over two hours and showcased Cravity’s range and growth as artists. They have an impressive discography for a group that only debuted three years ago during the pandemic.

Showing the “self-controlled sexy concept” mentioned by Jungmo, they continued to conquer the stage with their performance of ‘Flip the Frame,” “Veni Vidi Vici” “Bad Habits” and “Gas Pedal.”

Youthful charm


They changed into more colorful outfits for their next act. Pink, blue, yellow, green and orange—colors that reflect freshness, romance and playfulness. This time they mesmerized the audience with their youthful charm and made their hearts flutter with ‘Give Me Your Love” and “Maybe Baby.”

“You might have noticed but during the first part of our concert, we have shown our powerful side. For the second part, we tried to show our sweeter side,” Taeyoung said, asking the audience which concept they prefer. The answer was both, of course.

“The choreography is cute and extremely happy. We also felt happy when we performed this song,” Woobin told the audience after their performance of “Fly” and “Boogie Woogie.”

Jungmo then requested the audience to help check an item on their bucket list: a Remembong (the group’s official light stick) wave. Using “Ma-ni-la” as the signal, the audience waved their light sticks from the first floor to the second floor. “Maganda, salamat po (It was beautiful. Thank you),” The members thanked the audience and continued to party with the Filipino Luvitys with “Ohh Ahh” and “Party Rock.”

For the final act, Cravity came wearing body-fitting outfits in black, white, and gray. Leader Serim wore a sleeveless top showing his toned arms. Later, he gave in to the crowd’s clamor, asking to see him flex his muscles.

They showed their swag once again with “Vivid,” “New Addiction,” “Jumper” and “Pow!” They looked like Superheroes unleashing their power—the magnetic force of drawing people into their universe with their music and charm. “Groovy,” the title track of their fifth mini-album and their first world tour, was an addictive bop reminiscent of the ’90s.


Cravity’s performance is a work of art. Photos by Eugene Araneta


Fan chants


Their smiles looked more beautiful during this performance when they heard the fan chants from the Luvitys on the second floor. It was a magical exchange between Cravity and Luvity.

“Our concert has been perfect because of you. Thank you for being the last piece of our ‘Masterpiece’ world tour,” said Jungmo.

They prepared a lot to delight their Filipino audience, including their cute delivery of Tagalog phrases like “Pogi ba ako?” (“Am I handsome?”), “Masaya ako” (“I’m happy”) and “Mahal namin kayo.” (“We love you.”)

Hyeongjun and Taeyoung uploaded a video of themselves doing the “Gento” dance challenge. They performed it onstage, followed by the pair of Allen and Serim.

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“‘Gento’ is a very good song. Shout out to SB19,” said Allen who expressed his admiration for the group. The other members have not learned the moves but indulged the audience by doing the challenge.

They all wore a black shirt with the word “Masterpiece” as they sang “A to Z” during the encore.

The “Happy Birthday” song started playing as they were getting ready to take a photo with the audience, and everyone joined in singing to celebrate Seongmin’s 20th birthday. His actual birthday was on Aug. 1.

“Thank you very much, salamat po,” he said. The audience giggled and clapped at how adorable the maknae (youngest member) is. The members thanked the audience for the warm welcome and for waiting for them since their debut.

Minhee said if they knew that Filipinos were this hot, they would have come sooner.

Wonjin said it was his second visit to the country. His first visit was a trip to Cebu with his family when he was younger. He was sad at that time because he failed at fishing, “But today I’m very happy, masaya ako. Mahal namin Luvity!”

“I hope we could see each other more often. We will make sure to work even harder,” Serim said.

The group ended the concert with “Colorful,” a song composed by Woobin. The group’s signature is injecting positive messaging and galaxy-related words into their lyrics and the song was no exception. The lyrics go: “Light it up until we can’t see the moon anymore/ So the lights will be with us forever.”


It was a bright night that will remain in the hearts of Cravity and Luvity forever.

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