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Lapillus takes confidence into the next level

The release of Lapillus’ second mini album draws near. Fans have been eagerly awaiting “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2” since the release of their debut album, The album is a continuation of the story that was started in the first part in “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 1” which was released early this year. The title track, “HIT YA!”, is a powerful anthem about empowerment and self-confidence in the first album. The other tracks on the album deal with themes of friendship, love, and loss.

The hints for Lapillus’ 2nd mini album key points include #Who’sNext #HexagonGroup #GlobalActivities ‘D-2’ Lapillus, “GIRL’s ROUND” three reasons why their second story is something to look forward. And it’s all about “Confident Energy”.

The comeback of the Lapillus is now only two days away.

Lapillus will release their second mini album “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2” through various online streaming platforms and officially begin their promotional activities.
This second mini album, which is the second part of the “GIRL’s ROUND” series, contains Lapillus’ relentless determination. The girls who continuously showed their adventurous side since their debut, have even put in more powerful energy and are planning to meet their listeners with their title song, “Who’s Next”.

Aside from this, the album contains “Marionette”, “ULALA”, Paper” and the English version and instrumental version of “Who’s Next” which will show the even more widened musical spectrum of Lapillus.

As Lapillus being a group who has left a mark to the public with their powerful presence on stage, with attention growing on their new change, these are the key exciting points about their second mini album.

Lapillus is Back

Lapillus announced the coming of a full spirited rookie with their debut song “HIT YA” and relayed their confident statement as they loaded and launched their dreams with “GRATATA”.

As they’re a step closer to their goals, as they sing “Who’s Next” with a confident attitude, they plan to announce their leap forward as the frontiers of the new generation girl group. ‘Who’s Next’ is a hip-hop dance song with exciting grand beats and self-love lyrics. It will give courage to the listeners with Lapillus’ unique energy and the charming unique vocals of the members even enhanced the song’s charm. Lapillus who will comeback with even more deep and colorful charms, will prove “Who’s Next” in the music industry with this promotion.

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An upgraded “Hexagon Group”

With this new album, Lapillus will prove their being as a full “Hexagon Group” and show off their leveled up skills. The girls built up their own identity as they performed making it seem like all the parts of their choreography were the killing parts, adding more fun with the formations changing constantly which built even more expectations.

Lapillus conquered the atmosphere with their stable live vocals, facial expressions, and stage manners that didn’t seem like a rookie’s. The girls will comeback with an even more proud side as they include their confidence. As they add more colorful techniques and fully packed performances, as they preview their infinite potential, curiosity is growing for their upcoming stage.

Global popularity

Lapillus shows off their global popularity as they have actively promoted not only locally but also internationally. They have successfully launched in the Philippines in just 3 months after their debut. Interviews with local networks, guesting in popular variety shows, and even getting appointed as the ambassadors of the province of Ilocus Sur, they achieved remarkable accomplishments.

Moreover, in their first guerilla fan meeting held in Mexico, they gathered more than 2000 fans. They also attended the “Lo Nuestro Awards 2023”, a Latin music awards show, as the representative of K-POP to present an award showing their continuous growth. Lapillus who will now stand up from the rookie of the 4th generation as the hottest girl group, will release the “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 2” this coming 21st at 6

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