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Taemin is back: Upcoming fanmeet and new cat details
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Taemin is back: Upcoming fanmeet and new cat details

Taemin is officially back.  

SHINee’s maknae (youngest), ace and arguably Kpop industry’s best dancer officially returns to work on April 4 after serving his two-year mandatory military service. 

Taemin, also known as Lee Tae-min, enlisted on May 31, 2021. Shawols (fandom name) have been waiting for his return since then. 

“I saw  a Twitter event that said ‘We waited well, didn’t we?’ It made me realize that who people loved me and supported me have waited for me for so long,” Taemin said on Instagram Live.  

It was officially announced that the idol will hold his first fan meeting after discharge on April 22-23 at Kyunghee University in Seoul. Two events will be held each day, as he promised.  Some of the stages he prepared are “Advice”, “Criminal” and “Idea”. 


He will also return to Bubble today.  Bubble is an app wherein artists can send messages to fans directly like friends. 

Taemin told his fans during the Live show that he is preparing to return onstage by losing some weight.  It is the reason why he always had a peace sign infront of his face. The idol, who looked his usual attractive self, also went online barefaced.  It’s a way for him to show another side to him, he said.

Photos from SHINee social media

He also talked about his cats.  He has been posting photos of his cats in preparation for D-day of his return. 

“There is a new member in my family. It makes me a father who is raising two kids,” he said.  He explained that Kkoong is like a princess, calm, still and proper.  An unchanging bestfriend like his fans. 

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In contrast, his new pet Ddaeng is like a punk kid. He promised to show more of him in the future.   Taemin also shared the sweetest message to his fans.  

“The last time I was here I was 29, I am 31 now.  But my heart is in my 10s and 20s. I don’t think I will ever grow up. I just want to carry on being the innocent child, Taeminnie in front of everyone,” he said. 

This is fine if it is what Taemin wants. He is, after all, the boy who was raised by Shawol’s love. 

The Instagram Live was translated by YouTube channel @iheartshinee

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