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Super Junior celebrates Christmas with Pinoy fans
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Super Junior celebrates Christmas with Pinoy fans

Super Junior celebrate

They made a promise to return. And return they did. This time around, Kings of Hallyu Super Junior made sure to not disappoint as they held a two-day concert at the Mall of Asia Arena. Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun finally got to share the stage, much to the elation of Filipino ELFs (Ever Lasting Friend, their fandom name).

It was a drizzly weekend but that didn’t stop fans from trooping to Pasay City. They head to the most awaited Manila leg of the legendary K-pop group’s “Super Show 9”. It was organized by Pulp Live World. Super Junior opened the show with “Burn The Floor,” the third track from their 10th studio album, “The Renaissance.”

Super Junior truly looked like modern Renaissance men in their ruffled white tuxedo shirts and dark navy tailored pants. Gold-trimmed coats were later added to the ensemble, making them look exactly like royalty.

Photo by Michael Perfecto
Fulfilled promised

The weather outside was downcast but the energy inside the MOA Arena was ablaze the second the K-pop legends graced the stage. “Burn the Floor” was followed by “The Crown,” the first track from “Time_Slip,” the ninth studio album; “Super,” also from “The Renaissance” album; and the iconic hit “Mr. Simple” from the album of the same name.

All members expressed their gratitude to the ELFs who made good on their promise to wait for the group’s return.

“You guys were able to keep your promise,” said Donghae. “I promise that I’ll show you the best concert ever. Let’s make good memories together.” He blew everyone a kiss.

Ryeowook didn’t hide the fact that he was worried about how the concert would turn out and whether it would push through at all.

‘Very happy’“But I’m very happy that I came here,” he said.

Originally set in August, the concert was rescheduled after the passing of Eunhyuk’s father that same month. Siwon, meanwhile, was not able to make it as well due to COVID-19. It was then decided that the show would be rescheduled to a later time as it was difficult to push through with it under the circumstances.

The six members who flew to Manila—Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Donghae, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun—held a meet-and-greet with fans instead and promised to come back.

Photo by Michael Perfecto

Tickets for the original show were honored for the first day. The second day was added for the December tour. It’s a first time for the act to have two nights. At the concert last weekend, Siwon and Eunhyuk both apologized to the fans. It was met with much protest, an empathic assurance that the two members did not have to do so.

“I really want to listen to your voice,” Siwon said. He then proceeded to remove his in-ear monitor so he could hear their cheers. In-ear monitors allow the artists to listen to themselves clearly while performing and they also protect the artists’ hearing.

“I was actually very hesitant about how to greet you guys and I could not actually think about it,” Eunhyuk said. “Since you guys waited for us for so long, we will do our best–like double, triple or a hundred times harder–on this stage tonight.”

Leeteuk lightened the mood by simply laughing nonstop into the mic as he greeted the crowd. It was then followed by a 10-second “Philippines!” It was met by more laughter and resounding cheer from the ELFs. Super Junior’s leader said that he could feel they were holding onto their tickets for the past three months,

It’s as if these were like lottery tickets.

“You guys won the lottery tonight!” Leeteuk declared.

Maknae on top

According to Shindong, he was trying to keep eye contact with the ELFs when he went to the front of the stage during the opening number.

“I was really surprised to see the happy eyes of each and everyone of you,” he said. Before addressing the fans,

Super Junior’s maknae (youngest member), Kyuhyun, went down on both knees and raised his head and arms up towards the sky while relishing the screams of the crowd. He then complained of pain in his neck area, apparently from a bad sleeping position, as everyone laughed.

“But today I’m fighting!” he exclaimed. The fans’ prolonged wait for “Super Show 9” was certainly worth it as they were treated to some 30 songs from the group’s discography which spans 17 years.

The guys brought the house down with upbeat, feel-good and danceable hits such as “House Party,” (“The Renaissance”); “Let’s Dance,” (“Mamacita”). They also performed “Mango,” from the 11th album, “The Road: Keep Going”; and “Bonamana,” from the fourth studio album of the same name.

The ELFs, in turn, turned the arena into a Sapphire Blue ocean when Super Junior serenaded everyone with “Callin’” (“he Road: Winter for Spring.)”

Celebrate with PH ELFs

Photo by Michael Perfecto

As a Christmas present to Filipino ELFs, Super Junior performed their newest single, “Celebrate,” live for the first time. The heart-warming Christmas song was released a day before the concert. It is part of the EP, “The Road: Celebration.”

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The Manila crowd was in for an added treat because the reactions of the fans were filmed along with the group’s performance. The video was uploaded in Super Junior’s official channels on Tuesday night. The guys wondered, however, how the crowd turned up in blue Santa hats and placards bearing “Celebrate” when it was time for the song.

“Was it telepathy?” asked Eunhyuk. “How did you, guys, know? Where did the information leak?”

“I think you, guys, did a prank on us,” joked Yesung.

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Leeteuk, meanwhile, was shaking his head and signaling everyone not to point at him. Of course, no Super Junior show would be complete without the group’s greatest hit, “Sorry, Sorry,” the title single from Super Junior’s third studio album which was released in 2009.

“Do you know why ‘Sorry Sorry” got famous?” asked Leeteuk. “In Philippine prisons, many prisoners danced ‘Sorry, Sorry.’ That topic was very famous in the news and that made ‘Sorry, Sorry’ more famous.”

The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center Dancing Inmates performed the song in 2009 in a video that immediately went viral. The clip caught Super Junior’s attention.


When the time to wrap up day one of the concert came, the guys once again gave their most profound thanks to the Filipino ELFs who stayed true to their word and waited patiently for the group to return.

“It feels like Christmas already,” said Yesung. “2022 has been a long year,” said Siwon. “It was a year of finding hope in difficult times, and we did.”

He reminded the crowd that anything is possible when you have the right people supporting you, like Super Junior and its fans.

“We can do anything because of you. So thank you and I truly appreciate your unconditional love and support.” Eunhyuk said. All his concerns were eased when he performed in front of the Manila crowd. “You, guys, are the Christmas presents to us. Thank you so much. You know I’m really happy that we could perform the last 2022 ‘Super Show’ here in Manila.”

ELFs trooped to MOA Arena despite knowing that the show was cancelled. Super Junior made up for it and more. This is a love story. One that grew stronger through the years.

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