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What you need to know about BOYNEXTDOOR’s comeback this month
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What you need to know about BOYNEXTDOOR’s comeback this month

SEOUL—BOYNEXTDOOR (SUNGHO, RIWOO, JAEHYUN, TAESAN, LEEHAN and WOONHAK) unveiled today the tracklist for their 2nd EP HOW?, building further anticipation for its release on April 15. 

Revealed on BOYNEXTDOOR’s official social media channels, the tracklist for HOW? playfully depicts, as colorful stickers on a laptop, the album’s seven tracks—“OUR”, “Amnesia”, “So let’s go see the stars”, lead single “Earth, Wind & Fire”, “l i f e i s c o o l”, “Dear. My Darling”, and an English version of the lead single—which follow the evolution of a youthful romance, bridging the band’s debut single album WHO! and 1st EP WHY

The album chronicles the relatable stories of first love to first heartbreak. It captures the excitement of a first date (“OUR”) and the complexities of conflict and reconciliation as a relationship deepens (“Amnesia”). Romantic nights out (“So let’s go see the stars”) coincide with uncontrollable frustrations (“Earth, Wind & Fire”). Candidly confiding in friends about love and life (“l i f e i s c o o l”) leads to a relationship’s amicable conclusion (“Dear. My Darling”). 

Trailer film

Continuing to showcase their self-producing talents, JAEHYUN, TAESAN, and WOONHAK are credited for both composition and lyrics for five tracks including the lead single, which compares the uncontrollable nature of a relationship to the natural elements. The track showcases the band’s musical versatility with hyperpop, a relatively untapped genre in the K-pop scene. The multi-faceted all-rounders were joined by executive producer and artist ZICO, along with main producer Pop Time, who aligned their perspectives with the members to unleash their creative potentials.

BOYNEXTDOOR also unveiled on March 21 and 22, respectively, a promotional scheduler outlining key dates leading up to the album’s release and  a visually captivating trailer film, which both reflect the effortlessly cool charm of your friendly boys next door.

The trailer film combines kitschy elements like dreamy graphics, hyperpop music, and dynamic fast cut editing to depict the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany first love. The sextet traverse different everyday settings, from libraries to parks, exuding the joy of being in love for the first time. Intimate shots of their video calls and dates immerse viewers into their world. Yet, as the music fades and the scene transitions to them navigating dark subway platforms, their emotions darken. Their emotional turmoil is further visualized through graphic effects of fireworks and stars that shower down on them.

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As outlined on the promotional scheduler HERE, three series of concept photos and films under the themes ‘Earth’, ‘Wind’, and ‘Fire’ will be released from April 1 to 6. Following the track spoiler and the music video teaser set for April 8 and 12, respectively, K-pop’s free-spirits will finally make their long-awaited return to knock on listeners’ hearts with their 2nd EP HOW? on April 15 at 6 PM KST. 

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