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PH fans celebrate NCT DoJaeJung anniversary
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PH fans celebrate NCT DoJaeJung anniversary

NCT DoJaeJung cupsleeve event

K-pop fans enjoy organizing and attending cupsleeve events to celebrate their idols’ debut dates, birthdays, comebacks, and more. This time, NCTzens made a different experience for the fandom with their own twist to the typical cupsleeve event!

NCT DoJaeJung’s success

The fandom excitingly rekindled their love, passion, and memories of NCT DoJaeJung at the “Flower Road 417,” a flower cafe event, at the Fifty Nine Flower Cafe, Makati City, on April 20.

NCT DoJaeJung is the first fixed unit of the K-pop superstars NCT.  It is composed of some of the group’s most prominent members who are experts in setting the bar high: Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo (DJJ).

The sub-unit made their fans’ hearts flutter after they released their first extended play “Perfume.” Although it has been a year, fans were glad to reminisce about the unit’s success.

Flower Road 417

NCTzens powered up and assembled the fandom to put together the alluring flower cafe event celebrating the sub-unit’s anniversary.

The event was titled “let’s walk the flower road,” a phrase which in Korean means “let’s only be happy or successful in the future.” They added “417” to signify the unit’s debut date of April 17.

Alex, one of the event organizers, envisioned it as a happy and essential event for the fandom, since the unit is yet to make a comeback since their debut.

Anticipating the debut anniversary, the team started conceptualizing in December 2023 with an aim to produce an uncommon but exciting concept for the event. “One of our values talaga for the CSE [cupsleeve event] is uniqueness. That’s why we thought of the flower talaga instead of the typical cups,” she emphasized.

The cafe was filled with NCTzens’ smiles and laughter as they enjoyed dried flowers, giveaway prizes, and merchandise kits loaded with photocards, stickers, postcards, and a photocard holder. 

NCTzens and DoJaeJung lovers

More than just a K-pop event, Flower Road 417 was a way for the fans to meet and altogether show support for the unit and the group.

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“[Okay] ‘yung makasama ‘yung mutuals namin na minsan lang namin nakikita, kapag may mga CSEs or events lang. Mas masarap din sa feeling na nakakasama namin ‘yung mga tao na may same passion with us,” NCTzen Awen said.

Jannah, another NCTzen, passionately tackled a different perspective on the event. Feeling as if she has seen it all, meeting new fans of NCT DoJaeJung allowed her to see the sub-unit with a fresh set of eyes. 

“It really makes me passionate about DoJaeJung again and even NCT. So, parang it kind of rekindled my love for them in a sense,” Jannah said.

K-pop ties people who enjoy the same things about their idols together. Flower Road 417 was successful in emanating exactly that. Another core memory for DJJ lovers and NCTzens, unlocked!

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