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The not-so-secret life of Kpop pets

Pets are extensions of their owners. For K-pop idols, their pets are one aspect of their lives that they can share freely with fans. Pets are wholesome content that make idols relatable.

When SHINee’s Taemin finished his military service, he allotted a good few minutes of his first Live talking about his cats. Shawol (SHINee fandom) are familiar with Kkoong. They watched her grow up since she was a kitten. Fans refer to her as “queen.” Taemin described her as very princess-like, calm, still and proper.

Taemin with the queen Kkong

Kkoong’s photos were dropped alongside Taemin’s in a countdown to his return to work. A new cat’s photo was also included. It was Ddaeng, a new kitten he adopted.

“There is a new member in my family. It makes me a father raising two kids,” he said. He describes Ddaeng as “punk” and promised his fans they will see more of Ddaeng in the future.

Taemin’s bandmate Key has two poodles named CommeDes (brown) and Garçon (gray). He’s so in love with them that he created their own Instagram account. The account reflects Key’s sense of humor. To wit, CommeDes who’s in a bib with hamburger patch design “writes”: “He wears Gucci, while I am stuck with this. Actually, it’s not that bad.”

Commes Des looks like an angel. That’s cause he’s the sweetest there is, right | Instagram @commegalife

Stray Kids’ Lee Know is also obsessed with his three cats—actually, with any cat. He refers to them as his children. He looked so offended when fellow members Felix and Seungmin didn’t know his cats’ names and their colors. They are Soonie, Doongie and Dori. Soonie and Dori are rescue cats, while Doongie was adopted from someone he knows.

Lee Know is his cats’ butler. He spoils them silly. Scratching posts, exercise machines, toys, beds, treats—name it, Lee Know’s cats have it. Stays (Stray Kids’ fandom) suspect that he spends all his earnings on his cats. His content is often just about food and his cats.

Feline-like behavior

You know that Lee Know has been observing his cats’ behavior because he copies them on stage. When he got accidentally pushed by Bang Chan onstage, he extended his leg so their leader could drag him closer through it, like a feline. He also moves his hands like a cat chasing after a ball of yarn. It’s his cat-like quirks that endear him to fans.

It’s possible that the Stray Kids’ Lee Know’s head is filled with thoughts of his cats, the adorbale Soonie, Doongie, and Dori. | Instagram : @TheRealStrayKids

Other Stray Kids members have dogs. Bang Chan’s Berry is a fan favorite. She is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. She lives in Australia.

Hyunjin has a chihuahua named Kkami. Kkami makes an appearance every time he makes a vlog at home. The lead dancer also wrote a song about his puppy Kkomi from a long time ago titled “Little Star.”

Kkami is Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s baby

Han, on the other hand, has Bbama. The high energy bichon frise’s photos on Instagram bear the caption “I love you.” Once, a Stay jokingly asked Han in a concert if they could borrow Bbama. He shook his head and motioned his hands to say that Bbama is his.

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TXT’s Beomgyu takes care of a beloved turquoise-fronted Amazon parrot. The bird has been chosen as a permanent pet because it was something his mother could take care of even when he’s away. Beomgyu shares photos of his parrot frequently. He once said that they both live their lives to the fullest, separately.

Toto is TXT Beomgyu’s best friend. —TXT WEVERSE

Odi is the luckiest hedgehog in the world because he has TXT’s Soobin taking care of him. —TXT MEMBERS TWITTER

Another pet that’s popular on TXT’s social media is Odi the hedgehog, Soobin’s baby. He was named Odi because he looked like a mulberry when Soobin first got him. Odi is one spoiled pet with a comfortable living space and plenty of areas to hide in. He stays in Soobin’s bedroom, but is protected by all the members, especially Beomgyu and Huening Kai.

Pandemic ‘pet’

Seventeen members have a lot of pets between them. We’ll cover that next time, but we have to mention the most legendary of them all. Jeonghan takes care of Doljjong, a pandemic pet. One could say that it is an ideal one given how low maintenance it is.

Jeonghan can leave his pet on its own for months and still find him thriving and smiling when he gets back. It’s not a picky eater either. In fact, it doesn’t even need to eat anything. Doljjong, after all, is a pet rock. Yes, you read it right. It came from a kit that comes with its own house and guide book on taking care of it.

The legendary pet rock of Seventeen’s Jeonghan

The kit sold out the moment the rock made its debut on Weverse. Jeonghan takes serious care of his pet rock. Doljjong’s house has a grand piano, flat screen TV, dining area, electric guitar and bed. It is also supplied with drinks, alcoholic or otherwise. Indeed, it is living its best life in the hands of its owner.

Seventeen leader S.Coups said that he saw Jeonghan talking to it in between fan signing events. This rock really is the most understanding pet in the world.

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