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‘It’s the existence of Engenes that keeps Enhypen going’
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‘It’s the existence of Engenes that keeps Enhypen going’


We interviewed Enhypen about their fanst, their tour essentials, and how ‘Manifesto’ changed their lives. The group is set to return to the Philippines next year for their second world tour

SEOUL—K-pop powerhouse Enhypen is finally bringing their “Fate” tour to the Philippines next year. 

Jungwon, Heeseung, Jake, Jay, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki are set to play at the New Clark City Athletic Stadium in Capas town, Tarlac province on Feb. 3, 2024. The show is exactly a year after their historical three-day soldout “Manifesto” tour in Manila’s SM Mall of Asia Arena. 

The 73,580-square meter New Clark City Athletic Stadium is known as the venue of the 30th Southeast Asian Games in 2019. The venue has a 20,000-seat capacity and an open field. Local show promoter Happee Sy of Pulp Live World teased a weekend full of activities on her Twitter account. 

Enhypen essentials

We caught up with the boys of Enhypen after their “Dark Blood” promotions in June to talk about their Engenes (their fandom), tour essentials and how “Manifesto” changed their lives.

You lead very busy lives—how do you stay healthy? Do you have any special routines or workouts that you make sure to stick to?

JUNGWON: I do my best to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

HEESEUNG: I try to recharge with quality sleep. 

JAY: I eat fruit with every meal. 

JAKE: I make sure to take my vitamins. It might not seem significant, but I also always try to maintain a positive mindset. 

SUNGHOON: Taking vitamins every day is key. 

SUNOO: I’m diligent about taking my vitamins, drinking water and eating healthy. 

NI-KI: I try to take even better care of my health about a month prior to our comebacks. During our album promotions, we exude a lot of energy throughout the day, so fueling our body with good food is so important. 

Because you debuted at such a difficult time globally, you were only really able to interact more with your fans during this “Manifesto” world tour. What was it like going from online to offline concerts? What will you remember the most about your fans and concerts?

JAY: The very first time I felt the intense energy and heard the passionate screams of Engenes, it reminded me of the reasons I chose and pursued this career. It was a validation that all the hard work and effort I had put in had paid off.

JAKE: Every single moment we have spent with Engenes is priceless, whether it was during an online or offline show. But hearing the fan chants and cheers in person creates an electrifying atmosphere that allows us to enjoy ourselves even more on stage. Since we debuted during a challenging time when such opportunities were rare, each and every performance holds even greater value to us.

NI-KI: The absence of a live audience and their cheers did make us feel more easily exhausted at times. However, as we shifted toward offline concerts, I was able to feel the charm of a live concert. It revitalized us and provided a much-needed boost of energy.

SUNGHOON: To add on, transitioning to offline concerts allowed us to experience Engenes’ love and support more up close. Sharing the same energy with them has strengthened our connection and made our performances even more meaningful.

Offline show

JUNGWON: I still vividly remember our first offline show. To be completely honest, back then when Engenes couldn’t be there in person at music shows, I performed with a sense of duty, keeping in mind the fans who would be watching from afar. But now, I’m enjoying every moment of our album promotion and performing with pure happiness on every stage. It makes me sad just thinking about being deprived of this happiness, and I sincerely hope that we can continue to share this joy with Engenes forever.

SUNOO: The energy itself feels very different when we’re meeting Engenes in person. It once again reminds me of how grateful we are to have them by our side and ignites a stronger desire for more offline interactions. I have fond memories of Engenes singing along to our songs because it just shows how much we’re being loved.

HEESEUNG: There were numerous instances during the tour where I deeply realized the importance of having Engenes by our side. Their presence served as a powerful motivation for me to continually improve, so I genuinely hope that Engenes can witness the positive changes and growth within me as well.

After your successful tour, are there any lessons or experiences during “Manifesto” that really helped you grow personally and as a group?

SUNOO: Through this tour, I’ve come to realize the positive impact I can make as an individual, and it has inspired me to continuously push forward. I also have an even stronger desire to connect with more Engenes in diverse corners of the world, so I hope that day comes soon.

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NI-KI: I have once again recognized how precious Engenes are and that it’s their existence that keeps Enhypen going. I want to commit myself to reciprocating the endless support we have been fortunate enough to receive from them.

JUNGWON: I’m immensely moved by seeing how happy and enthusiastic Engenes get for us. This tour has awakened us to the depth and significance of our roles, and it has only fueled the love for our fans and career even more.

HEESEUNG: I’ve come to the realization that we could have even more fun on stage, especially considering how much Engenes seem to adore seeing this side of us.

JAKE: The biggest lesson I learned is to always strive to deliver exceptional performances and music.

JAY: I have honed my stage manners so that I can interact with Engenes more, all the while learning to be more relaxed when performing on stage.

SUNGHOON: In general, I’ve gained a multitude of experiences and valuable lessons. I’m confident that each of us has grown through this tour, not only in terms of our skills but also in our  mindset.

‘Fate’ in PH

Enhypen’s No. 1 tour essential will always be Engenes. The group will meet more of their fans in Asia for the second leg of their world tour next year, playing seven shows in four cities. “Fate” in Asia will have stops in Taipei, Singapore, Macau, and the Philippines.

The group’s new album, “Orange Blood,” is set for release on Nov. 17. 

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