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It’s easy to mistake Taecyeon, also known as Ok Taec-yeon, for a business dignitary attending an important forum instead of being the main character of his presscon.  Perhaps, it’s the way he walked onto the stage with full confidence, wearing a coat, tie, and perfectly polished leather shoes. 

Taecyeon is an entrepreneur. But he’s not just that. He took different roles in his 15-year career.  Ok is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, entertainer and 2PM member.  He finally came back to Manila to spend time with his fans after 10 years. 


“SpecialTY in Manila” fan meeting was held on Sept. 23, at the New Frontier Theater and was promoted by Pulp Live World. 

He met with the press the day before and the media was treated to his self-deprecating humor and intelligence.  Taecyeon spoke in English and kept the conversation exciting by constantly teasing his fans, like the way he said he wanted to play the role of a boxer in the future to show off the physique he worked hard for. 

Someone screamed “Fifty Shades of Grey!” and he blushed at the suggestion before laughing at the idea. 


Hot not warm

“If not for their support and love, I don’t think I would be doing anything this long,” he said about his fans. He said that his Filipino Hottests (fandom) of 2PM are the most memorable.  Host Kring Kim said that being warm is a trademark of Filipino fans. 

 “Not warm, but hot,” he said. He said that 2PM started their relationship in a very business-like manner.  However, 15 years in, they treat each other like family. 

“Being alone on stage makes me nervous, but then I have the fans. I always feel loved and can carry myself through all the obstacles. Thanks to you,” he said. 

As a true homebody, he said he doesn’t like spending much energy outside and instead spends it at home exercising.  Manila is, of course, an exception. He was seen exploring the streets of Cubao, visiting the lamp post banners his fans prepared for him. It was even uploaded to his YouTube Channel (@taecyok1249).

Taecyeon visiting the lamp-post banners prepared by his fans.
Screengrab from Taecyeon’s YouTube channel.


He gave all media attendees to his press conference a handwritten note. This is a common practice in Korea, but a first for a visiting artist in the Philippines.

Ako si Borta Taecyeon! Na-miss ko kayo talaga. Welcome po sa lahat dito sa SpecialTY. Sobrang masaya ako. Ipapakilala ko ang emcee ngayon, emcee Kring Kim,” he said as an opening ment (talking segment) to the fanmeeting.  The songs “Magic” and “Anyway” were his first songs.

“Borta” was a word that Pulp Live World’s Vice-president and COO, Happee Sy-Go, taught him the day before. But he didn’t just rely on her lesson.  He used Google Translate to discover that borta means macho.


Playful Taecyeon posing gamely for his OKtizens. Photo by Bunny Javier

Fans yelled for him to toss the towel he used to wipe his sweat. He declined and apologized, saying, “To the men in the audience tonight, I’m sorry,” he said.  He continued that they might think the women are crazy for wanting a towel with his sweat.  The audience laughed. 

The two-and-a-half-hour-long fan meeting was divided into performances and segments where Taecyeon shared photos, stories, and information about himself. It was there that we found out that his favorite Korean food is “Samgyetang” and that the last film he watched in a movie theater was “Oppenheimer.”

Ok Taec-yeon Taecyeon
Taecyeon’s sexy moves during “Anyway” make everyone’s hearts beat faster. Photo by Bunny Javier

Captain Korea

He made the fan meet personal.  He gave a thermal cup with freshly brewed coffee to one fan and a cup with his signature and artwork to another. Some got selfies and hugs.  Everybody cheered when someone won because Taecyeon rushed down the stage to meet the lucky fan. His moniker is Captain Korea and, on that day, he was a superhero.  

He was on fire as he performed “Vampire,” from “Heartbeat”, originally sung by his co-star Park Kang-hyun. He was performing the song for the first time and asked the audience to cheer for him.

Taecyeon’s enthusiasm is contagious. He transitioned from rapper to entertainer, to rocker, to crooner. 

“You guys know the song, right?” before proceeding to perform a local favorite, Side A’s “Forevermore.” It was videoke moment for his fans as they sang along with him. 

Taecyeon is a versatile actor who can play different roles, from comedic to dramatic. Photos by Bunny Javier


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We will come back.

When it was time to watch the fan project, he became speechless. Taecyeon said, “Thank you so much. I love every moment I share with you.”

He said coming back with all the members of 2PM would take some time but made a promise, “We will come back and have a blast like tonight.” He then performed “Toc Toc Toc,” “Champagne,” and “Promise (I’ll Be).”

For closing numbers, he performed 2PM bangers “Jump” and ”Hands Up”.  It felt like a concert as everyone was dancing and singing along with him.  

We asked Oktizens (Taecyeon’s fandom) what they are grateful to Taecyeon for. Kathy from Malaysia said she’s grateful that he’s constantly working hard to provide them with something new.


Mei wearing an OKcat-inspired OOTD.

Mei came in wearing an OKCat-inspired costume.  The cat is a character Taecyeon designed.  She said that he opened up her world and brightened her days. 

This is what he wants to be remembered for.  He said at the presscon,

“I (want to) make people happy. Whatever I am doing (I hope I) will make you guys happy. I want to be part of your life where I can be the strength and energy for you.”

His energy continued at the goodbye session and the Instagram live after the fan meeting where he once again thanked his fans for coming despite the rain. He ended his Live by opening the ice-cold can of beer he received from them as he said,

“Here’s to us. Kahit umuulan, salamat sa pagpunta. Mahal ko kayo.”

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