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‘Alchemy’ star Lee Jae-wook gives fans sage advice
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‘Alchemy’ star Lee Jae-wook gives fans sage advice

Lee Jae-wook Manila

Lee Jae-wook held his first fan meeting in the country where he said the famous line, “Not a single person will be able to walk out of here alive,” from the K-drama “Alchemy of Souls.”

The actor held his fan meet on March 11 at the New Frontier Theater presented by Wilbros Live. Lee wanted to convey his gratitude and love to his Izzimos (fandom name). Through the fan meeting, he was finally able to do so.

“I am equally nervous and excited,” he said during the press conference on March 10. He said that the popularity of his recent drama is the reason the things he only hoped for and imagined have now become a reality.

In “Alchemy,” Jang Uk is a powerful character that can go to any place he wants to, but as Lee, he would prefer to remain on Earth even if he had the chance to go anywhere in the universe. He said he thinks about it all the time, but he feels scared to venture out too far because the universe is so big.

At the fan meet, he made his entry by standing in the middle of a flower field with clouds above him changing. Instead of a sword, he held a microphone. He sang Sam Kim’s romantic ballad, “Every Day, Every Moment.” His soothing voice was perfect for the song.

It was enough to drive his fans wild. As the screaming got louder, his smile got wider.

“I have been waiting for this moment for a long time,” he said.



The first segment gave a snapshot of Lee’s habits and preferences. He likes swimming and skiing. When he wakes up in the morning, he takes a shower, checks his phone and before he knows it, four hours have passed.

On his day off, he would rather stay at home and watch movies all day. His movie recommendation gives him a sentimental vibe. He said “Christmas in August” is a film that will make the viewers smell the scent of old Korea. Lee was born in 1998, the same year the movie came out.

He showed his driving playlist by flashing it on the screen. It included the song ‘Hidden Side” by his “Alchemy” costar Hwang Min-hyun. Lee said he listens to his friend’s music frequently.
He gave an unexpected answer when he was asked if he prefers food he cooked over food that’s delivered to him.

“Of course food from outside,” he said. People thought that he would brag about his cooking abilities.

The simple segment was made incredibly entertaining by his facial expressions and spontaneous reactions. The translations were delivered in a mix of Filipino and English in the same tone that he said it.

One funny moment was when he was asked by host Sam Oh what his future plans are. Someone in the audience screamed, “Asawa ko!”

He asked for its translation and when he learned what it meant, he shook his head.

“No,” he said. Oh pointed at the crowd where a fan was wearing a bridal gown. He gave a surprised smile and said “Omo!”

He said he will reconsider being married for a day and then flashed his hopeful bride a finger heart.



Photos by Eds Garcia
Investing future

Giving adviceLee gave advice to his fans which made him even more endearing. One fan wrote that she is working and studying at the same time. She is unsure if she should follow her dreams.

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“Investing in your future is not wrong,” he said. “Live for yourself.”

When someone told him how she was facing burnout from work, he told her to rest.

“It is an option that we should consider since it helps you to find joy in your work again, but if you still don’t feel happy after, you should find another job,” he said.

Lee talked about the what-ifs of “Alchemy” Season 3. He said that it might focus on his action scenes or the love story between him and Jin Bu-yeon (Ko Yoon-Jung).


Meet again

His generosity was on full display throughout the games as he interacted with the fans onstage. He made it easy for them to win a Polaroid photo with him. He kneeled next to fans shorter than him, ensuring that both of them were in the same frame.

Lee alerted Oh about a fan she had overlooked. He listened to his fans when they were trying to explain something to him.

“Okay, okay,” he would say in Korean with a gentle tone.

Oozing with confidence and looking like a rock star, Lee mesmerized his audience once again by performing Hyukoh’s hit rock ballad “Tomboy.” After watching the fan project prepared for him, he said that the Philippines is a country that he would love to come back to.

“I love you all and we’ll meet again soon.” As he left the stage, the crowd shouted “Saranghae!” (I love you). He placed both hands over his heart. Not a single person walked out of the venue without a smile on their faces. That’s the power of Lee Jae-wook.

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