Hyun Bin tells his fans in four languages to take care amid COVID-19

Hyun Bin tells his fans in four languages to take care amid COVID-19

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok is a fictional character, but the real Hyun Bin is proving to be as sweet.  He continues to make hearts flutter with his love letter to fans, asking them to take care amid COVID-19.

He writes a letter to his fans on Feb. 21 in Korean but it was translated in Japanese, Chinese and English.  The letter was uploaded through VAST Agency’s social media. 

He addresses them to ask after their health pertaining to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).    

“You might be spending day after day anxious and worrying over the Coronavirus disease 2019 which is occurring all over the world and throughout Asia including China and Japan as well as Korea,” he wrote.  “I’d like to ask after your health at least by writing to express my worry over whether the place you are at is safe.”

The actor urged everyone to cheer each other up during difficult times.  He hoped that the COVID-19 passes as soon as possible. He also said he was going to cheer those who work tirelessly day and night to eradicate the virus. 

“Furthermore, I sincerely wish the quick recovery of those suffering from its infection,” he said.

Hyun Bin said reiterated and wished that  everyone maintain their safety and health from the virus.  He ends his letter by saying that he prays for the virus to be over soon.

“Crash Landing on You” might be over, but we’re not done swooning over Hyun Bin. 

Read the entire letter here:

Photo by VAST Entertainment

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