Unboxing Park Seo-jun’s BYS Beauty Kit

Unboxing Park Seo-jun’s BYS Beauty Kit

Two beautiful blush pink boxes with Park Seo-jun’s face arrived at our house this week. The boxes contain a beauty kit and exclusive PSJ merchandise from BYS Philippines. The cosmetic company announced that the “Itaewon Class” actor became their endorser last month.  

2021 calendar

The bigger box is lighter and so I opened it first. It contains a 2021 calendar with 13 photos of Park. In February, he’s holding a bouquet. He’s smiling in a long-sleeved shirt in May and June. Park does the aegyo in July. He shows his serious side in September and October. For November and December, he dons a cheerful red garb. 


It also came with a photobook that says “Be the Extra in the Ordinary”. The cover has Park standing next to a Christmas tree, wearing a red sweater while showing off his dimple on his right cheek. The photobook contains 23 photos of the actor inside. On the first page, the Hangeul of the word “pretty” is written. And immediately, it reminded me of the drama “She Was Pretty.” On the last page, it says “Hwaiting.”


The kit also contains four photo cards. At the back of each photograph and is an inspirational quote with an autograph of Park.

Finally, my favorite from this box is the limited-edition plushie of Simba, the bichon frise pet of the actor. Simba the plushie is wearing a purple shirt that says “Be the Extra in the Ordinary” in front and BYS written at the back. The pupper wears a pink collar with a heart-shaped pendant that says PSJ on one side and BYS on the other. 

PSJ makeup bag

The smaller, heavier box contains a pink makeup bag. One of the zipper pulls has a band with Park Seo-jun’s name on it. It also has a heart-shaped keychain that is a bigger version of what you can find on Simba the Plushie’s collar.  

The bag contains the best-selling products of BYS Philippines. It has Face Primer with Hydrating Pearls, Glow Mist in Golden, Lip and Cheek Tint in Sultry, and High Shine Lip Gloss in Heat.  

Wearing a mask whenever you are going out limits your makeup usage to eye makeup. The kit contains a BYS Liquid Eyeliner Pen with Crescent Moon Stamp and BYS Auto Thin Brow Liner in Brown.  

I have three favorites from the box. They are the Complexion Palette in Dreamgasm, Eyeshadow 8-piece Vertical Palettes in Transparent Neon Blue and the Park Seo-jun for BYS Cream Cushion.  

I will tell you why I love these three. The complexion palette can be used to highlight and contour the face. It also has blush and shimmer powders. Having an all-around palette is very helpful for someone like me who loses small compacts all the time.

The press kits only had the Neon Blue. But those who will purchase them will get the Transparent Neon Pink, too. The neon blue palette reminded me of the colors of the sea and the sky. But I especially love it because of the the black and silver eyeshadows. I never outgrew the smoky eye.  

Finally, it has PSJ for BYS Cream Cushion. I was told that it contains a Nobel-Prize winning ingredient Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). But I have to admit that the V-puff intrigued me. It’s a sponge that vibrates 12,000 times per minute! It says that it enables high adhesion long-lasting coverage. But I love it because it feels nice on the skin. It’s a massage sponge and it’s very relaxing when used. 

The two boxes are worth P6,999 and it is available via Amorfia and Lazada starting today. It will hit the shelves of Watsons and SM Beauty nationwide starting Nov. 10. 

Is it worth it? For PSJ fans, a definite yes! 

Official merchandise is expensive in Korea. But this one is exclusive to Philippine market. Unless a local fanclub helps other global fan clubs to export the kits, PSJ fans in other countries cannot get hold of them. On top of that, you have full makeup products that you can use for zoom meetings and webinars. 

It’s a value for money Christmas gift for yourself.  

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