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K-pop icons Zico and Jennie hit the ‘SPOT!’
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K-pop icons Zico and Jennie hit the ‘SPOT!’

Photo courtesy of KOZ Entertainment

SEOUL—Chart-topping artist and producer Zico is finally back with his highly anticipated comeback, “SPOT!” featuring hitmaker BLACKPINK Jennie.

Hip-hop based track “SPOT!”, marks a collaboration of two K-pop icons. Zico and Jennie are known for their charismatic personas, which shine through in “SPOT!”

“As soon as I finished making the track, I knew it was executed to perfection without a doubt,” Zico says in a press release. The hitmaker says: “The charm of this single lies in its simple arrangement that evokes listeners’ excitement and desire to have fun. I wanted to create a song that people can put on repeat, stripping away any unnecessary elements to emphasize the parts where I wanted to highlight most throughout the track. Listeners will be able to hear the tasteful synergy between Jennie and Zico.”

One of the biggest collaborations in K-pop to date, Zico and Jennie also team up for the music video, which features two friends in the city out and about. “SPOT!” is the perfect combination of Jennie’s cool vocals and Zico’s fierce punchlines.

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2024 also marks Zico’s tenth year as a solo artist. The K-pop chart-topper will soon perform for Yonsei’s Akaraka Festival set on May 26.

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