These Google 3D animals can keep you company during the quarantine

These Google 3D animals can keep you company during the quarantine

We’ve spent a lot of time with Google 3D animals and they’re a lot of fun.

I stumbled upon them by accident. I was searching for “french bulldog” on Google (yes, I’m a Frenchie-loving weirdo) when I saw this.

Of course I wanted to meet a life-sized French bulldog up close! (Even though I already had one sleeping on my bed at that very moment).

And that’s how I encountered my first Google 3D animal. I marveled at how similar he looked to my own dog.

Then I saw the Augmented Reality option. I can actually have this brindle bulldog in my room.

That means my dog can meet his AR twin! And so I made that happen. (Well, actually, Google made it happen.)

My dog and his AR twin

Of course, I became curious to see what other Google 3D animals I can meet.

It turns out it’s fun to have a panda in your bedroom.

Does that panda look familiar?

Mayor Vico Sotto’s panda

Yup, Pasig mayor Vico Sotto‘s panda friend is actually a Google 3D animal.

They’re pretty chummy.

It’s Panda.

You don’t have to borrow his, Nicole. It’s super easy to get your own.

But don’t worry, Mona, we won’t stop you from applying as the mayor’s panda.

I decided to meet more animals.

Tiger king

A tiger in honor of “Tiger King,” one of the strangest documentaries I’ve ever seen in my life—and I’ve seen a lot of strange ones. (Watch it now and tell us if you think Carole Baskin did it.)

An alligator.

A horse.

A brown bear.

A shark.

Creepy octopus

The octopus was kind of creepy.

An emperor penguin!

A hedgehog.


This anglerfish has quite the teeth on him. (Now we know what my nightmares will be about tonight.)

Oh look, a raccoon on my keyboard.

There are many other Google 3D animals you can welcome into your homes during the lockdown: a cat, a pug, a cheetah, a deer, a Labrador retriever, a Pomeranian, a Rottweiler, a duck, an eagle, a goat, a leopard, a lion, a macaw, raccoon, a timber wolf, a sea turtle, a Shetland pony, an Easter bunny and more. It’s surreal seeing them in your environment. They actually move and you can get really close to them. Trust me, they can keep you entertained for a long time.

Ball python

There’s a ball python too but I’m just not brave enough to meet it.

To meet the animals, you’ll need your smartphone or tablet. It has to be an ARCore supported device and running iOS 11.0 or higher or Android 7.0 or higher with pre-installed Google Play Store.

Just Google the animal you want to see, spot the 3D result and tap on “View in 3D.” Tap on “AR” to view the animal in your space and follow the on-screen instructions.

Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit

There are non-animal experiences you can enjoy on Google AR too—explore the Chauvet cave and see Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit up close.

Dear Google, please do dinosaurs too.

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