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Ligo Sardines just threw shade at the government and we’re here for it

By: the Super staff

The internet has been abuzz because President Rodrigo Duterte has asked the Congress for more powers to fight COVID-19 like he’s Mario and the Congres is a box with a question mark on it.

People made a lot of intelligent points, really intelligent points. But our favorite tweet of the day came from an unexpected source. A sardine brand.

Ligo Sardines already won hearts when they made this announcement yesterday.

They’re reallocating their entire advertising budget for the year to donate funds to NGOs, charities and independent groups “who are at the forefront of the COVID-19 relief and response efforts.” They have promised to deliver food and supplies to affected families and communities, provide relief and assistance to health workers and make sure they have personal protective equipment.

And now, they’ve won even more hearts by throwing shade.

People are declaring today as Ligo Sardines Day.

And we’re here for it.

Popping open a can for dinner now.