It’s 420 and people want the government to #LegalizeMaruya

It’s bananas. It’s 420—April 20—a day when people all over the world celebrate the use of marijuana, but here in the Philippines, on Twitter at least, what they want is for the government to #LegalizeMaruya.

Don’t ask us how the hashtag started or how it spread. All we know is all day long, people have been talking about maruya.

There are over 8,000 tweets now. And a lot of them are funny.

It wouldn’t be Twitter without arguments though. And the debate started because some people think maruya means banana cue.

So others called them out on it.

But apparently, maruya in Davao is banana cue.

Like we said, it’s bananas.

The #LegalizeMaruya movement has inspired art.

Many people are still confused.

But others just embraced it.

Pinoy Twitter, you’re so weird. But that’s why we love you.