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Yes, Ju Ji-hoon is the crown prince of ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Princess Hours’

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Ju Ji-hoon played the role of the Crown Prince twice.  Recently, as Lee Chang in the zombie drama “Kingdom” and Lee Shin in the romantic comedy, “Princess Hours” (2006).

It is making the internet freak out. It’s hard to imagine that the same actor that beheads zombies ever played a cute role.  But he did.  

“Princess Hours” is about a contract marriage between the Crown Prince and a commoner.  It reimagined what it would be like if the royal blood still continued today. He eventually falls for his wife played by Yoon Eun-hye. The drama has been so successful that a musical based on it was created.  

Ju Ji-hoon with Bae Doo-na Photo courtesy of Young Jun Kim | Netflix 

“Kingdom” is his first drama since “Princess Hours” that received international attention.  He wasn’t even the first choice for it.  

The role was first offered to Song Joong-ki but he rejected it. Now, can’t imagine anybody else but Ju playing Prince Lee Chang.  

In a video conference with Ju on March 5, he talked about his character extensively.  

“What was the most challenging for us is the fact that most of my scenes are a big team play.   Whether it be certain situations or a large action sequence. It was nothing that I could do alone. So, while that made things more difficult to perform it also presented us with a greater sense of achievement. I really enjoyed that and I find that very meaningful,” he said.  

Ju Ji-hoon in Kingdom 2
Ju Ji-hoon Photo courtesy of Young Jun Kim | Netflix 

The actor said that he admires his character because he is very human.  That he started off as someone weak and scared. But he overcomes all of his fears and faced the challenge set before him.  

“I am no prince,” he said. “When I am met with such difficulties or challenges I like to think that I don’t give up and push forward.”

Ju Ji-hoon is no prince, but he charms us endlessly.

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