What to bring to EXO’s ‘ElyXiOn’

Tickets to EXO’s concert in Manila were sold out hours after selling began. Hundreds of fans even camped out for more than 24 hours to secure good seats.

Here is a short checklist of what you’ll need on concert day:

Concert ticket and access card

Pulp Live World went extra nice for “ElyXiOn” in Manila as they now provide an “access card” that will serve as pretty memorabilia. The card has a group photo or a photo of your bias on one side. They also provide a personalized “ElyXiOn” invitation envelope.


Lightsticks add to the unique and beautiful theatrics of a K-pop concert. They do not come cheap and stocks are limited, but think of them as providing EXO members the silver ocean they deserve. Don’t forget to bring batteries!


Slogans, whether made of cloth or cardboard, are among the distinct props of K-pop concert-goers. These make artists feel extra-loved. Just make sure the slogan you bring follows the size rules of the venue and will not contain any disrespectful words on it.


Mall of Asia does not allow water bottles inside the venue. Make sure you drink lots of water before the concert to prevent dehydration.


Rest well the night before the concert. Eat before entering the venue and bring candy or a chocolate bar just to be ready. Artists feed off the energy of their crowd. Be ready to party.