We made the trendy Dalgona Coffee and so can you

There’s a drink that trended in South Korea while people stayed at home. It’s called Dalgona coffee and it was named after the sweet and thin sponge candy made of sugar and baking soda.

The trend is credited to actor Jung Il-woo after appearing in the show “Pyunstorang”. He was served the drink when he went to Macau. Jung said it was delicious and reminded him of Dalgona candy. He called it the Macau Dalgona Coffee.

Jung Il-woo drinking coffee in Macau Screenshot | KBS Entertain

The instructions on how to make it sound easy enough. You just need equal parts of instant coffee, sugar and hot water. The original recipe used white sugar, but we substituted ours with brown sugar.

You should be warned that the sweet and frothy Dalgona Coffee can be addicting. It can also be very strong depending on how much you make.

It is best to stick to the original process if you are going to use the spoon to mix the ingredients. Pour the creamy mix into a glass before milk and ice. This was how Jung’s drink was made in Macau.

Thick, whipped coffee should sit on top of the milk. Photo by Ruth L. Navarra

But for the ‘Gram, you will need a balloon whisk to allow air into the coffee. Set your mixer on high to make the thick coffee cream quickly. The whipped coffee should sit on top of the milk.


2 tbsp instant coffee
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp hot water
Cube ice

How to do it:

1. Whisk the ingredients together in a small bowl until foamy.
2. Pour milk into a glass full of cube ice.
3. Top your milk with your whipped coffee, take a picture, and enjoy.

Dalgona Coffee Photo by Ruth L. Navarra

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