Vico Sotto gets K-pop idol treatment online

Vivico #ProtectVico

Vico Sotto gets K-pop idol treatment online

We would like to apologize first to Vico Sotto.  We are about to commit a grave sin against him.

The Pasig City Mayor said last year that we should stop treating “our government officials like show biz personalities.” But it’s so difficult to stop yourself from stanning him when he takes on the villain that is COVID-19 like a lead character in a K-drama.  

The young mayor trended for his competence and foresight in handling the pandemic. For example, his city has been disinfecting public places such the City Hall, schools and public markets every day since March 11. 

The city multiplied their disinfection efforts by turning over 500 sets of backpack sprayers and disinfectants with Personal Protective Gears to the city’s 30 barangays, two days before the implementation of Community Quarantine.

However, it was after the lockdown that he really rose to the occasion.    

National treasure

He approved Ordinance No. 7, the Anti-Panic Buying and Hoarding Ordinance  effective during Public Health Emergencies.  The ordinance regulates the number of basic goods a person can purchase. 

There were 400,000  food packs distributed to residents.  The bags did not bear his name or face the way traditional politicians would oft do.  They revealed that they purchased drones to do the disinfection. Drones! He appeared as someone who never stopped wanting the best for his people.  

He could do no wrong.  Some called him national treasure.  Sen. Panfilo Lacson called him the “best gift ever.”  His fans showed support by making #ProtectVico trend online.  

Mocha Uson raised the ire of the netizens when her Mocha Uson Blog called Vico “pabebe” or someone who acts cute for attention. She would later deny that she personally posted the statement. Instead, she blamed one of the admins, Banat By.

Those who stan the mayor have zero chill for his bashers. They decided to band together in their fight to protect Pasig’s mayor. From this goal, the fandom Vivico was born.  Vivico is a play of words that could be read as a challenge to other politicos and “Be Vico”.  If you read it fast enough, you will also hear the playful words, “baby ko” or my baby.

Vivicos are awesome. They are as organized as their bias.  They already came up with their official colors.  

They designed their own lightstick. Here is Vico Bong and look how it glows.

One lightsick is not enough.  So here’s Vico Bong 2.0.

They are already dreaming of their future ocean.  

If you like the Vico Bong so much, you can join a GO.

You can also get your membership kit.

For the best mayor, only the best merchandise will do.  Look at the designs @yk_kilogram made.

Fan arts are naturally part of the equation.  

As Vivicos, they only ask for one thing: #ProtectVico.

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