‘True Beauty’ and other K-dramas on Viu this month

‘True Beauty’ and other K-dramas on Viu this month

Premiering on December 10 first on Viu is True Beauty. Based on a Korean hit webtoon, “True Beauty” is a story of a high school student, Im Ju-gyeong (Moon Ga-young), with an inferiority complex about her appearance. 

She hides behind heavy make-up and convinces others that her made-up face is her natural appearance. The only boy who has seen her without makeup is Lee Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo), an attractive and dashing model student with a dark past. Slowly, the two become drawn to each other and learn more about the other’s secrets. 

Charose to fame in Southeast Asia after appearing in “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” (2018) and Rookie Historian (2019) and is also a member of the popular boy group “Astro.” Lead actress, Moon Ga Young is known for her work in “Tempted,” “Find Me in Your Memory” and “Welcome to Waikiki.” The series also stars up and coming rookie actor Hwang In Yeop who has appeared in “18 Again” and “The Tale of Nokdu.”

Another first-on-Viu, fantasy comedy drama “Mr. Queen”, will premiere on Dec. 13. Adapted from popular web series “Go Princess Go,” “Mr. Queen” tells the story of a man from the modern age whose soul gets trapped in the body of a queen in the Joseon era. The female lead, Shin Hye-sun, is widely recognized for her appearances in popular dramas “Angel’s Last Mission,” “Thirty but Seventeen” (for which she won a best actress award in South Korea) and hit series “My Golden Life.” 

Kim Jung-hyun gained recognition for his role in blockbuster hit drama “Crash Landing On You.” The director of the drama, Yoon Seong-sik is well known for his historical dramas such as “Hwarang,” “Bridal Mask” and “The King’s Face.” “Mr. Queen” is written by Park Gye-ok who also penned successful medical thriller “Doctor Prisoner.” The series reunites lead actor Kim Jung Hyun and Seol In Ah who both starred in the drama “School 2017.” Choi Jin-hyuk will also make a special appearance in this drama.

“Hera, The Goddess of Revenge” is a mystery drama about Hera, a reporter who marries one of the country’s most famous celebrities and becomes a popular influencer. Unfortunately she is caught in an unfounded scandal that ruins her reputation and she seeks revenge against those who hurt her. The story also follows talented lawyer Cha Min-joon who also vows to destroy those who ruined his family. They both realize there is more going on than meets the eye. They delve deeper and find shocking truths. This drama features Kim Sa-rang from “Secret Garden” and “Abyss” and up-and-coming actor Yoon Hyun-Min who recently appeared in the rom-coms “To All The Guys Who Loved Me” and “My Holo Love.”

Also showing this month is drama “The Penthouse,” the story of an ambitious woman who is determined to do whatever it takes to both enter the high society and a luxury penthouse in the Gangnam District. However, she soon turns into a greed-driven “monster” in the process. The drama is the highly anticipated reunion of writer Kim Soon-ok and PD Joo Dong-min, who worked together on the popular SBS drama The Last Empress

Also showing is “Cheat on Me if You Can.” The series follows Kang Yeo-joo (Cho Yeo-jeong) who is a best-selling crime novelist. Because of her job, she is perpetually thinking about gruesome murder methods to write about. Her husband Han Woo-sung (Go Joon) is a divorce lawyer. He is a doting husband but one day writes a memo to his wife that reads “If I cheat, I die.” Cho Yeo-jeong is most recognized for her leading role in the award-winning film “Parasite,” while Go Joon is best known for his breakout role in “The Fiery Priest.” He also starred in his first lead role in “Oh My Baby” earlier this year.  

Additional titles include fantasy thriller “Kairos,” corporate melodrama Delayed Justice and mystery drama “Awaken.” Be sure to catch these and many more thrilling shows coming up this December on Viu!

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