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Things you need to know about ‘Backstreet Rookie’

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yoo-joung had their first script reading for “Backstreet Rookie” on May 7.  
The last drama that Ji worked on is “Melting into You” while Kim was on “Clean with Passion for Now.”

Photo from SBS Drama Instagram

Who is part of the production team?

“Backstreet Rookie” is based on the webtoon “Convenience Store Saet-byul” written by Ji Kang-min.    It has over 1M subscriptions and received a 9.3 star rating.

Lee Myung-woo will be directing the drama.  His past works include “The Fiery Priest” (2019) and “You’re All Surrounded” (2014).  The screenplay is written by Son Geun-joo  who wrote “Sweet, Savage Family” (2015).

What is the story about?

Dae-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) meets Saet-byul (Kim Yoo-joung) for the first time in an alley. Saet-byul is with her trouble-making friends and she convinces him to purchase cigarettes on their behalf.  He does and she gives him a full kiss on the lips.

They don’t meet again until four years later.  

He’s the manager of a 24-hours convenience store and she’s applying for a part-time position. 

What are our expectations?

There’s a 10-year gap in the ages of the characters in the webtoon.  In real life, Ji and Kim are separated by a 12-year gap. 

It’s going to be interesting how the webtoon will be translated into live action.  There are a lot of sexy scenes in the webtoon.  Dae-hyun comes off as a bit of a pervert.  While Saet-byul is a saucy little minx who knows how to use her body to her advantage. 

We’ve seen Ji pull off a lot of roles.  He’s been naive, a “tsundere,” the strict boss and an action hero in dramas such as “Healer” and “Suspicious Partner.” We know he can pull off a comical character.  It’s so easy to imagine Ji slipping into the role of Dae-hyun.  We expect him to annoy us, fall for him and mostly make us laugh. 

Kim is also the perfect person to play Saet-byul.  She’s cute and we’ve seen her talent in the drama “Love in the Moonlight” (2016). We know she can easily manage the role of the trouble-making bossy part-timer.

What/Who are the expected obstacles?

We don’t know how far the writer will stick or veer off from the webtoon.  But seeing that they cast Han Sun-hwa as Dae-hyun’s girlfriend Yeon-jo, we know for sure that she’s going to be a moral issue that the two has to overcome. 

In the webtoon, Yeon-jo first finds out about Saet-byul’s existence after the latter bombarded Dae-hyun’s phone with over 99 text messages, right when he was sleeping next to Yeon-jo. Oh how, oh how are they going to solve a problem like her?  

Han previously starred in the drama, “Marriage, Not Dating” (2014).  

When will it air?

The drama is set to premiere on June 12. 

Watch the trailer here:

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