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The tale of two ads: How Smart connected Son Ye-jin to Hyun Bin

“Crash Landing on You” (CLOY) has ended. But Filipinos are still in love with Seri played by Son Ye-jin and Captain Ri played by Hyun Bin.

Recognizing their popularity, Smart got the two to be their brand ambassadors. In a virtual conference last Aug. 3, SVP and Consumer Wireless Business head Jane Basas revealed that Ye-jin’s contract is the same as Hyun Bin’s.

They each have a one year contract with the company and a commitment to do three events in the Philippines before it ends. On whether they will do those events together or separately depends on their respective schedule (and safety).

The company’s president, CEO, and PLDT Chief Revenue officer Alfredo Panlilio says that they would love it if they could sync the two stars’ calendar for a reunion. It could mean that Smart is keen on negotiating for an epic event with the two stars.

Fans can only pray that fate intervenes to witness this reunion soon. But what we know for sure is that the ads of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin tell a story of them together.

Scented candles

When Hyun Bin’s ad came out on June 1, it was meant to stand on its own.

Hyun Bin races through the streets of Incheon on his BMW, leaving a green light trail behind him. He delivers his lines in the familiar deep voice and smiles to show off his dimples.

The only reference we could find that will connect him to an unseen Son Ye-jin was when he raised his phone in the end. That one gesture recreated the candle scene of Episode 5 of CLOY. It’s the scene where Seri got lost in the marketplace and she found Captain Ri because he raised a scented candle over his head.

Left: Hyun Bin’s Smart ad; Right: Captain Ri looks for Seri.

Green and gold

Ye-jin’s ad which was launched on Aug. 3, initially, appeared to mirror Hyun Bin’s. She races through the streets of Incheon on her black Ducati, leaving a golden light trail.

But then, a green light zooms past the buildings, through the street. In the next frame, a black car parks itself next to Ye-jin. She looks at the car and smiles at its driver.

“How do I know it’s meant to be?” she asks. “Simple. Smart ako.”

Green and yellow light trails travel side by side on the street. Again, a subtle reference to CLOY is made.

In Episode 6 of the series, Captain Ri secretly escorted the jeep where Seri was. They said their goodbyes the night before and Seri thought that was the last time she’d see him. The episode ended with him saving her life, almost at the cost of his own.

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Left: Son Ye-jin’s ad; Right: Captain Ri secretly watches over Seri

“I made a promise to her that as long as she’s in my sight, I will protect her no matter what,” Captain Ri said.

Finally, Son Ye-jin’s ad started with her helmet on. It reminded us of Captain Ri putting the shield of his helmet down before speeding after Seri in the same episode.

Left: Son Ye-jin’s ad; Right: Hyun Bin in “Crash Landing on You”

Thus, a connection is made between Ye-jin and Hyun Bin even when they don’t share the same frame.

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*Photos are from Smart and photograbbed from Netflix original series, “Crash Landing on You.”

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