Suho as Suho of ‘True Beauty’ is perfect

Suho as Suho of ‘True Beauty’ is perfect

One EXO-L made a thread of how perfect Suho as Suho of popular webtoon “True Beauty.” And it was perfect.

“True Beauty” by Yaongyi has over 16M followers in Webtoon. New issue comes out every Wednesday.  The series is about a girl named Jugyeong who transforms herself through makeup. She has two love interests.  They are Seo-jun and Suho.

The two are friends and used to be idol rainees.  Seo-jun fell for Jugyeong from the start. He is good-looking and talented in singing.  But Seo-jun only got the opportunity to be with her three years after Suho left the scene.

Suho is Jugyeong’s first love. He has excellent genes to thank for his good looks.  He is smart and kind, but most of all, he knows what she looks like under all the makeup.

News of “True Beauty” being adapted to live action broke last year.  Fans have been vocal on who they think should play Suho. One of the names that usually pop out is Astro’s Cha Eun-woo.  But one EXO-L’s campaign is gaining ground.

Twitter user @hunseux began the thread of putting the EXO leader’s photo next to the Webtoon character. Fellow EXO-Ls couldn’t agree more.

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