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So Ji-sub marriage

So Ji-sub marries the woman who ‘keeps on his side calmly’

By: the Super Staff

So Ji-sub, 42, married his girlfriend, Jo Eun-jung, 25.  The announcement was made through the actor’s label, 51K.  

“Hello. This is 51K. Today we are relaying joyful news about our actor So Ji Sub that is worth celebrating. So Ji Sub has met someone valuable to him and has tied the knot,” the announcement read.  

The couple announced their relationship in 2019.  It also said that the two promised to be there for each other for life with love and trust.  They registered their marriage on April 7.  

So announced their relationship in May 2019.  In that announcement, So apologized to his fans that he surprised with the announcement because he couldn’t share the news earlier. He promised that he will be a more responsible actor in the future.  To keep that promise in mind, he made sure that his fans are aware of his marriage.  

The couple donates to support children

“Following the wishes of So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung who want to quietly cherish the most important and happy moment of their lives, they decided to hold a quiet wedding with only their immediate families,” the label said.  

The couple would be donating 50 million won (2 million pesos) to Good Neighbors.  The money is for providing tablets and smart devices who lack educational support  

“We express gratitude to everyone who loves and supports So Ji Sub, and in consideration for his non-celebrity spouse, we ask for your generous understanding of not being able to reveal details regarding their marriage,” the label said.  

Jo used to be a TV presenter before quitting last year.  They met when Jo interviewed the actor in 2018. So described her then girlfriend as someone who “keeps on his side calmly and supports me with great help”.

The announcement continued to say, “We ask for blessings towards the couple that is beginning a new life.”

Ji-sub asks for support from his fans

So Ji-sub also addressed his own fans.  He wrote a letter to them saying that “Today, I started a new beginning with my life partner.”  

He continued, “I’m afraid that everyone is very surprised by this news.  However, this is one of the most important decisions in my life.”

He said that it took so long to make the decision and that he hopes everyone will support and encourage him with the decision,

“I’m careful because I think it’s not a perfect time to announce my marriage, but I would like to say to everyone that I will always live thankfully,” he said. 

He continued by wishing everyone to stay healthy.

So Ji-sub will continue his work as an actor. He starred in dramas such as “Oh My Venus” and “My Secret Terrius”.

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