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PSJ for BYS: Korean star is beauty brand’s new PH endorser

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Park Seo-jun has done his best to keep busy like everybody else during the pandemic. He is shooting a movie with Lee Ji-eun/IU, he’s showing off his adorable bichon frise named Simba to his millions of Instagram followers, and, oh, he just became BYS Philippines’ newest endorser.

The cosmetic brand signed the actor to celebrate the company’s eighth anniversary in the Philippine market. Angie Goyena of BYS Philippines explained that, to stay relevant, they chose “one of the biggest K-drama stars to be the cheerleader of the brand and encourage women to ‘Be the Extra in the Ordinary.’”

Park explained why he accepted the endorsement offer.

Park Seo-jun

“I believe the products of BYS Philippines can help you express and bring out your best selves, and allow you to move ahead and ‘Be the Extra in the Ordinary,’” Park said. “Extraordinary starts with you, and I’m here to cheer you on.”

Cheerful, easygoing

In an interview coursed through BYS, Park told Lifestyle how the pandemic forced him to slow down like the rest of the world.

“Actually, I don’t think I have been that busy these days, because I had been so busy before. So I don’t think I am busy at all now,” he said. “I think that I’ve got a lot of time, but I have been working out diligently so that I don’t feel down.”

The actor, showing a little bit of his sweet side, continued, “Because of the COVID-19 (new coronavirus disease) situation, we have to care for each other. So, I try to stay home because I don’t like to cause harm to others.”

Goyena said that working with Park was “wonderful” and that he was very cheerful during the shoot. She said that the Korean team was very efficient because they were able to finish 12 layouts in just three hours.

One-year contract

Arsenal Content Marketing chief executive officer Andre Tani said that they wanted Park to show his easygoing side.

“We wanted him to be himself in the shoot so his fans can understand why we chose him for the brand,” he said.

Park has a one-year endorsement contract with BYS, according to Goyena. She added that there are several exciting activities lined up for this campaign. It includes merchandise that BYS will be giving away. Of course, the most important question is, does the contract include a Philippine visit when it’s safe for Park to travel?

“When the situation permits, yes, we will do our best to have him here in the Philippines,” Goyena said.

Rom-com king

Park is one of the most recognized Hallyu actors in the country. His performance and chemistry with Hwang Jung-eum in “Kill Me, Heal Me” led them to team up in another drama, “She Was Pretty.” He met and formed friendships with the other members of the famous Wooga Squad in the drama “Hwarang.” His friendship with Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik, Peakboy and BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung is well documented on his Instagram account.

Park Seo-jun is BYS Philippines’ cheerleader (Photo courtesy of BYS Philippines)

“Fight for My Way” was a turning point for his career. In this drama, he showed that he could do more than just romantic comedy; he could be an action star, too. This aspect of his skill set was also featured in the film “The Divine Fury.”

‘Mr. Chemistry’

His “Itaewon Class” is one of the most-watched and talked about dramas this year.

“There are so many roles I haven’t played yet,” he told Lifestyle. “I think it’s still hard for me to imagine what kind of roles I will play. I can tell you that the genre of roles is similar, but my characters are all different. I hope to continue to play a different character on each show. Park is described as someone who takes good care of his friends.

His fellow “Hwarang” cast members loved him because he would always treat them to meals. He’s considered “Mr. Chemistry” as an actor: There are fireworks no matter who he’s paired with.

On the kind of role he wants to do in the future, he told Lifestyle, “I think I can play a villain. I still have a lot of choices, better to wait and look forward to my choices.”

Will there be a specific line of products for him from BYS? “Yes, we came up with some products, which we will be releasing soon—please stay tuned,” Goyena said.

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