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Plenty of firsts in Seventeen’s ‘Ode to you’ Manila

By: E. M.

It’s Seventeen’s fourth concert in the country since their first fanmeeting in 2016.  “Ode to You” in Manila on Feb. 8 is the 25th show for Pledis Entertainment’s 13-member Korean boy group.   

And yet, the group managed to do a lot of firsts in this concert.  

This concert saw plenty of firsts.  It’s the first time for Seventeen performing the uplifting song “Just Do It”.  This is a song originally performed by their sub-unit, BooSeokSoon. It is the collective name for the group’s gag Boo Seungkwan, Lee Seokmin, and Kwon Soonyoung. 

They also performed the single “9-Teen” which was one of the soundtracks made for the hit web series “A-Teen Season 2”. This was also the first time  they performed the Korean version of their Japanese single “Happy Ending”. The song was originally released last year. 

The group also sang snippets of their new releases such as “Home”, “Snap Shoot”, “Lucky” and “24/7” even when these songs were not included in the original tour setlist. Philippine Carats were also blessed to personally see The8’s b-boy moves. Lastly, this was the first time that they enlisted the help of Carats to perform the song “Smile Flower” with them. 

Busy with comebacks

The self-producing group has been very busy with their comebacks and activities that it made it impossible for the world tour to make their Manila last year.  The Philippine Carats were reassured that the setlist will feature songs from the recent comebacks including songs from “An Ode” and “You Made My Dawn.”

Carats were grateful as Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino pushed through with the concert despite the Covid-19.  S.Coups, Seventeen’s leader, took a hiatus for health reasons last year and was not able to perform for most of the stops. 

The group made the audience excited as they performed energetic songs such as “Getting Closer” from their latest mini-album “You Made My Day”, as well as “Clap” and “Rock” from their previous albums. Carats also got to see one of Seventeen’s hit singles, “Don’t Wanna Cry,” performed live. 

The real carats

As with concerts, Kpop or not, Filipino fans are known for singing the songs as loud as they can with the performers. In the case of Filipino Kpop fans, they have to sing the song and do the fanchant at the same time. 

Seventeen has been demonstrating difficult fanchants to account for their thirteen members. As the group performed the song “Hit” from their latest album “An Ode”, Filipino Carats showed their energy and enthusiasm in shouting the name of 13 members twice and in reverse order. The crowd cheered energetically when they saw S.Coups in the video as if he was there.  

 Philippine Carats also greeted the group’s maknae (youngest) Dino who was going to celebrate his birthday.  

“Salamat po,” he said.  “Manila Carats are the real carats.  

The concert ended with Seventeen performing the seemingly never-ending song “Very Nice”, along with their comical attempts to say goodbye and coming back to the stage again to sing the chorus and interact with their fans. 

Amidst the setbacks and pouring rain, nothing can stop Seventeen and Philippine Carats to celebrate the night as an ode to each other. 

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