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Pinoy fans celebrate Ji Chang-wook’s birthday by honoring his love for dogs

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Let’s talk about our July birthday boy Ji Chang-wook and his love. Let’s talk about his relationship with his dog, Ggoma. 

The Bedlington terrier made a debut on the Instagram of “The Sound of Magic” actor in August 2015.  Ggoma was just a puppy and Ji introduced him lovingly as “Ggomaya”.    

Bedlington Terrier is known for their active and loving nature. It is said that they make good company.

It came a week after he posted  a puppy he called a friend.  Little is known about this dog. It’s possible that it’s a white Pomeranian named Meong-gu and that it belongs to a friend. He never posted about this dog again. 

But it is also that he loved the interaction with this puppy because he got Ggoma the week after.   Did he take this interaction as a sign to get his own pet? Perhaps. 

What we know for sure is that Ji Chang-wook would keep posting about Ggoma.  And you know that he finds his dog to be so cute because of their randomness.

A smiling Ggoma looking at the camera directly.

Here’s Ggoma enjoying his treat. The actor had to ask him if it was delicious.

The last post of the dog would be this.  The only caption would be that of the moon emoticon. 

We found out that Ggoma passed away in 2020. The dog died of complications in the kidney. When exactly, we do not know. But Ji Chang-wook shared his death in Daum Cafe on New Year’s eve.  

It was such a respectful move on the actor’s end because we know that even though his heart is breaking in a million pieces he chose to be considerate of the people suffering because of COVID-19.  

Read his statement right here.

Ji Chang-wook loved his dog. He called it his love and that it brought him a lot of happiness. 

Celebrating Ji, honoring Ggoma

The Filipino fans of the actor celebrated his birthday on July 5, 2022 by honoring his love for dogs.   Ji Chang-wook Philippines (JCWPH) raised 500 kilos of rice for the non-government organization Strays Worth Saving. 

JCWPH also granted a wish of the 3 year old leukemia patient by gifting the child kitchen and cooking playsets.  The group also joined hands with Ji Chang-wook’s Kitchen and global fanclubs to donate to the Miral Welfare Foundation to benefit the homeless.

Anne dela Cruz said that this was in theme with “The Sound of Magic.”  The series is about a magician who lived in an old theme park.  He meets and inspires a student who had nothing to her name. 

Ji’s fanclubs have also been supporting the Miral Welfare Foundation for years.  The actor turned 35 years old this year. 

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