PH fans, global EXO-Ls unite to protect Chen from expulsion


PH fans, global EXO-Ls unite to protect Chen from expulsion

Chen has done a very brave thing this week. He announced to the world that he is getting married.

The artist, whose real name is Kim Jong-dae, is the main vocalist of EXO.   He wrote a handwritten letter to the fans about his intentions to settle down on Jan. 13. 

“I have a girlfriend I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was worried and concerned about the situations that would arise as a result of this decision, but I had been discussing with the agency and our members because I wanted to announce the news at least a little bit earlier so I wouldn’t surprise you with the sudden news,” he said. 

The singer said that his agency, SM Entertainment, and fellow EXO members gave him their blessing.  He said that the blessing gave him strength to share the news to his fans. He also thanked fans who sent him so much undeserving love. 

“I will never forget this feeling of gratitude, do my best in my place without changing, and return the love you have given me,” he said.  

SM Entertainment requested everyone to respect the couple’s privacy as Chen’s fiancée is a non-celebrity.  

Petition against Chen

The news received mixed reaction from the fans.  The EXO-L ACE Cafe started a petition requesting the expulsion of Chen from the group.  They cited three reasons why he should be removed from the group.

“First the reputation of ‘EXO; to the public and of the group itself is seriously getting harmed,” they said.  

They explained that the decision of Chen to get married is selfish because the phrases “married idol” and “marriage idol” are being attached to EXO’s name.  They also claimed that vicious rumors on other members are also being spread.

“Second, the disunity and collapse of the fandom can’t be ignored,” they said. They claimed that some fans lost their trust in him which affects other members as well.  

And finally, they cited that Chen’s marriage will affect the schedule of the group thus hurting the fandom and the artist.  

EXO-L ACE then demanded that 1) Chen be expelled from EXO 2)  That fans be informed of the reason for the schedule changes. They also want to know of the future plans of the group.  Finally, 3) They want SM Entertainment to protect EXO online.  

Global fans disagree

PH EXO-Ls and global fans disagree.  They countered with their own petition via The petition’s goal, addressed to SM Entertainment, is for the bullying against Chen to stop. 

“The rise of mental illness and suicide rates amongst idols has alarmingly increased due to this type of harassment. This bullying has to end and people should be held accountable,” it said.

Global fans also voiced their support on Twitter, saying that they want the 9 members of EXO to stay together. They also shared artworks in support for him..

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