Oh Yeon-seo’s skincare tips

Oh Yeon-seo’s skincare tips

Korean actress Oh Yeon-seo said that taking care of the skin during the global pandemic is needed now more than ever.

“As we stay home due to the quarantine, we’re more exposed to blue light that comes from digital screens. Aside from darkening, this harmful light causes spots, dryness and other signs of premature aging,” she said during the virtual press conference on June 4.

The actress has never been to the Philippines, but she is very happy to find out that Filipinos still love her drama “A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi.” She played the character of Seonmi/Samjang in the series opposite actor Lee Seung-gi.

Super K asked what it was like doing the drama. “The best part of doing this drama is knowing that we’re able to reach a lot of viewers from different parts of the world,” she said. “I think the reason why ‘Hwayugi’ is such a success up until now is because Lee Seung-gi is one of the main characters as well.”

Oh Yeon-seo at the virtual press conference

Happy memories

She continued that another reason for its success is the good working relationship she had with Lee. Oh said that she found him to be such a gentleman and a professional to work with. She added that she would love to visit the country soon.

Super K also asked what they want to think of when they hear her name.

“I want them to think of all the fun and happy memories that I was able to give them when they watched me in K-drama or K-movies,” she said.

Simple routine The “Get It Beauty” host told Super K that she wants to be an inspiration for people in taking care of themselves and leading a happy and healthy life.

“My self-care routine is quite simple. That includes working out regularly to make sure I keep my core and immune system strong. A balanced and healthy diet in order to have all the necessary micro- and macronutrients,” she said.

Oh talked extensively about her skincare routine. She is, after all, the newest brand ambassador for South Korean skincare brand, AHC. The brand started in 1992 as a professional skincare line, catering to spas and dermatological clinics. It soon became a cult favorite. You could click to investigate about the kind of skin products you need.

Beauty rituals

She said that she has been using their products even before they got her as their model “It’s important for me to have time to follow and create a skincare routine. I make daily beauty rituals a priority because I know that this benefits my mental and emotional well-being, just as much as my skin,” she said.

Oh Yeon-seo

Oh is someone who prefers simple and effective skincare routines over complicated ones. She said that her regimen takes only five steps and needs less than 20 minutes.

“Both my day and night beauty rituals are almost the same. But I put a little more attention at night especially when my skin looks really tired coming from a whole day shoot. I always make sure that I wash my face thoroughly, and properly remove all my makeup. I usually have to double cleanse,” she said,

She continued by saying that she applies toner and a super hydrating serum. She also uses Real Eye Cream for Face for both her eyes and face. When she’s not too tired, she puts on a sheet mask to keep all the nutrients in.


She named her favorite AHC products. First on her list is the Real Eye Cream for Face to prevent wrinkles, dryness and other signs of skin aging. Then she named Red Serum for that effective skin lifting effect. Finally, she uses the Aqualuronic toner for hydration.

But when she doesn’t have the time to do her routine, she has her go-to product.

“I use Hydra Gold Foil Mask that I really love since it nourishes and takes care of my skin so well. Plus, it’s so handy that I can bring it when I travel,” she said.

To combat the aging caused by digital screens, she recommended the Peony Bright spot corrector for its brightening effects. She said that her daily routine because of the global pandemic has become really repetitive and a bit boring.

Beautiful self

However, she made use of the extra time that she has to take care of herself. “Since I’m just at home, I was able to spend more time with myself and do things to keep me physically and mentally active. I exercise a few minutes/hours every day and meditate every once in a while,” she said.

On her ultimate beauty tip, she said that, “It all starts from believing that you are already beautiful and it’s just a matter of rediscovering your most beautiful self.”

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