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Lots of love for Itzy

By: Inna Cabel

There’s something about the girls of ITZY that make them impossible to ignore. The five-member girl group has filled the K-pop sphere with their unique unbridled energy since their debut in 2019, marking their status as mainstays in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Set aside the ostentatious styling choices, or their spectacle of a performance—Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna exude a special kind of spunk that permeates through digital screens. Since their genesis, ITZY has commanded every stage, bursting with youthful swagger and bombastic declarations of self-love, a message they’ve become attached to throughout their journey as artists.

True to their own

It’s always been ITZY’s goal to empower everyone around them, may it be through the blithe coolness of “Icy” or their bravado-filled debut with “Dalla Dalla,” the girls have been nothing but consistent to their ethos: staying true to your own.

Alas, the girls are ascendant in their August comeback with “Not Shy,” an unapologetic anthem of confidence that bristles with high energy, something they’d like to share to their fans, who they fondly call Midzy, as everyone around the world struggles to cope with the unprecedented toll of the pandemic.

“As many people go through hard times, we want to show people some good energy and give them comfort.” Yeji, the leader, said in an email interview with Super K. “The message of the song ‘Not Shy’ about ‘not hiding our feelings and showing it proudly’ doesn’t just apply to our group . . . this is for the many people that we wanted to strengthen during these times.”

Unadulterated funThe pure, unadulterated fun the girls present to the table with their six-track mini album “Not Shy” serves as a welcome burst of color in the looming landscape of global lockdowns.

The EP offers up an explosion of everything ITZY stands for, all-in confidence and conviction mixed with pop and bass-booming verve. “Not Shy” swept global and local music charts, ranking No.1 in Japan, Korea and China, among others. It is also their fastest music video to reach 100 million views.

YouTube fanfest

“Our group has received so much love in the past year. It’s unimaginable,” the youngest, Yuna, says. “We’ve actually spent some time thinking about our own ways to repay that love they have for us. I think these times have really made us much closer with Midzy,” she adds.

Joining over 150 creators in the Asia Pacific, the girls showcased a banger-filled set for the first-ever virtual YouTube FanFest yesterday, Oct. 11.

Through their music, ITZY connects with the creative community, boasting a roster of performances bound to make you dance around within the comforts of your home, a welcome reprieve during these unusual times.

“We are really excited to find out how our performance that was shot and recorded on chroma key (green screen) would turn out. I think that is what Midzy can also look forward to,” Ryujin says.

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