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Lee Sung-kyung receives dried mangoes from Pinoy actress

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Actress Lee Sung-kyung received dried mangoes and a book of scriptures from Cherish Maningat.  

Maningat captioned her photo as “Sweet and the sweet Word of God for the sweetest @heybiblee”.  She then continued to ask if everyone is watching Dr. Romantic 2.

The two worked together in the ongoing drama, “Dr. Romantic 2”.  Lee Sung-kyung plays the role of Dr. Cha Eun-jae, a surgeon who tried to protect a victim of domestic violence.  Maningat played a supporting role of a battered wife who accidentally gave too much medicine to her son.  

The two had emotional scenes together in episodes 12 and 13.  

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Maningat shared in an earlier Instagram post that she had a long talk with Lee during their first day of shooting.  She said that she was going through something. Lee told her that she would pray for her.

“I will pray for you.  And I’m not just saying that.  They’re not empty words. I am really going to pray for you,” Lee told her.  The actress then shared a bible verse from Hebrews 11:1 “Now Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Meeting the master

Maningat also posted her photo with Han Suk-kyu. He plays the title character Master Kim.  

“So happy to have worked with the one and only Master– Han Seok Kyu /Master Kim! Still starstruck by him and his superb acting! Not only that, he’s so down to earth, too.” She said in the post.

She said that they had a conversation after he was done with his scenes. The actor asked questions about her like how she came to South Korea and how long has she been there. He also gave her tips on acting and how it is to shoot dramas in Korea.

She described him as a master not just in the show, but in real life, too.

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So happy to have worked with the one and only Master– Han Seok Kyu 선생님 /Master Kim 김사부님! Still starstruck by him and his superb acting! Not only that, he's so down to earth too. One time, while I was waiting in the dressing room, he came in to remove his makeup (his scenes are all done for the day). While he was wiping his makeup, he asked me questions like how I came here and how long have I been here. When I told him that I took my masters in 한예종 (Korea Nat'l Univ. Of Arts) he told me that he's from an art university too. He gave me tips on acting and stuff about shooting dramas in Korea. I think he's a real 사부님! Not just in the drama, but in real life! And because I treasure that moment, I still keep the sticker from the coffee car sent by fans during his birthday! . . . . . #낭만닥터김사부2 #DrRomantic2 #romanticdoctor #romanticdoctorteacherkim #hanseokkyu #한석규 #김사부 #체리쉬마닝앗 #cherishmaningat #kdrama #드라마 #월화드라마 #이성경 #leesungkyung #ahnhyoseop #안효섭

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“Dr. Romantic 2” is streaming on VIU.  

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