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Lee Seung-gi talks about marriage in ‘Twogether’

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Lee Seung-gi wants to get married before he turns 40.  

This is what the triple threat entertainer told Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu in their variety show “Twogether”.  They just finished a mission in Jamblang Cave and they were headed to the next location. 

To get to know each other more, they talked about the future on their way to the next mission. The two were still high from witnessing the “Light from Heaven”. Seung-gi said that he wants to go back there with a friend “or if I have a girlfriend.” Jasper agreed that it was a beautiful spot.  They started imagining a proposal scenario in the cave.

Then Seung-gi asked Jasper  if he wanted to get married.  Jasper answered a “maybe” before continuing that there’s many things he still wants to do.  

“I think I want to get married before I turn 40 years old,” said Seung-gi.  He’s 33 years old and has no girlfriend.

“Twogether” features the two entertainers as they go to different locations to meet their fans.  The eight-part variety show is available on Netflix.  

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