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Kris kringle gift ideas for the K-addicts


Christmas is just a few days away. If you are running out of ideas on what to give a K-drama or K-pop addict friend, we have a few suggestions for you. We spotted five items from our recent Korean grocery raid that we think they would appreciate.

EXO x Pepero

The white chocolate cookie was one of the hottest items in SMTown. They made the perfect pasalubong for EXO-Ls. We could not contain our excitement when we spotted them in abundance at Assi Grocery for P45. Go hoard. You’re welcome.

Nam Joo-hyuk x Nong shim Prawn Crackers

The “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo” leading man is the face of this prawn cracker. It will be difficult to bring home Nam Joo-hyuk himself, but you can give a fan a snack with his face on it.

Park Seo-joon x Bibigo

The actor of several drama hits including “Fight my Way,” “She Was Pretty” and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” also has a long list of endorsements under his belt. We know that Park Seo-joon is the face of a milk tea chain; he is also the endorser of the Korean food brand Bibigo. This package is for dumplings called mandu. They are often steamed or fried with a dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil.

Lotte Chocolate Pie

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K-addicts will always appreciate a box of chocolate pies. The pies are SHINee Minho’s favorite. He once made a birthday cake with it. He always gives it as gifts to foreigners. It makes sense to give this to someone whose life needs to be sweetened up.


What is a K-drama without ramyeon? Instant noodles are comfort food even for your favorite celebrities. Park Seo-joon cooked it in “Yuon’s Kitchen 2” before heading home. It is almost a staple in “All the Butlers” episodes.

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