‘Kingdom’ crown prince Ju Ji-hoon will star in ‘Hyena’

‘Kingdom’ crown prince Ju Ji-hoon will star in ‘Hyena’

We will see another side of Ju Ji-hoon as he plays a cutthroat lawyer in the upcoming drama, “Hyena”.  

The actor is the crown prince in the zombie series “Kingdom”.  Filipinos first got to know him also as a crown prince in the classic romantic comedy “Princess Hours.”  

“Hyena” is about the lawyers who represent the richest sector of Korean society.  Ju is Yoon Hee-jae. He is described as a smart and confident lawyer. Hee-jae was born into the elites with an ego to match. 

Kim Hye-soo (“Signal”) is lawyer Jung Geum-ja. Her character is likened to a weed.  She only cares about money and she will use every trick in the book to make them. This includes evil means.   

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SBS earlier posted script reading photos of Ju and Kim. 

Jang Tae-yoo (“My Love from the Star”) will direct the series. Writing the script will be Kim Roo-ri is its writer.  The drama starts on Feb. 21. There will be new episodes every Friday and Saturday. “Hyena” will stream on Netflix. 

Here is the full trailer:

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