Kim Soo-hyun finally makes a cameo in ‘Crash Landing on You’

Kim Soo-hyun finally makes a cameo in ‘Crash Landing on You’

Kim Soo-hyun is in Episode 10 of the drama Netflix’s “Crash Landing on You”. We repeat, Kim Soo-hyun is in “Crash Landing on You.”

The actor confirmed his cameo in the series that stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin early this month. His appearance was expected. But what surprised them the most was that he reprises his previous role in the 2013 movie, “Secretly Greatly”.

Kim Soo-hyun made an appearance in Episode 10 of “Crash Landing on You” Photo: INSTAGRAM/@Keyeast Official

“You see, I came here long before you did, but I haven’t received any orders yet and I’ve been waiting for so long. That’s who I am,” Soo-hyun’s character in the series explained.

Village idiot

This is exactly what his role was in the film. He is a North Korean spy living in South Korea for a very long time. As a cover, he disguised himself as an idiot. Like in the film, he wore a green hoodie with matching sweatpants. He even sported the same moptop haircut. His boss called him “Dong-gu” as he skipped away from everyone.

“Crash Landing on You” is about a South Korean heiress (Son Ye-jin) who finds herself living in North Korea after a freak accident while paragliding. Her motivation throughout the series is to get back to her old luxurious life in South Korea. Helping her to achieve that is a North Korean officer (Hyun Bin).

Kim Soo-hyun’s cameo blew the mind his fans. It also came as a surprise to those who love the drama as well.

The last cameo he made in was as the owner of Hotel Blue Moon in the hit drama, “Hotel del Luna” that starred Lee Ji-eun. Kim is currently working on his own drama titled, “Psycho but It’s Okay!” The drama will come out later this year.

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